back to article Asus boasts of Haswell fondleslab threesome to get Acer hot under collar

Asus did its best to upstage local rival Acer on Monday, unveiling a 3-in-1 notebook-desktop-tablet Android-Windows 8 hybrid - plus a 6in “phablet”, and the world’s first Tegra 4-powered fondleslab. Never one to hide his firm’s light under a bushel, chairman Jonney Shih was in a typically gung-ho mood as he used a 45-minute …


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  1. Graham Dawson Silver badge

    One thing I'd like...

    The ability to pop the tablet off that keyboard dock and still use the keyboard with the android environment, either with a cable or by turning the keyboard into a dumb bluetooth thing. Sometimes it's nice to be able to spread things out, you know?

    1. Shagbag
      Thumb Up

      Re: One thing I'd like...

      Her on the right (ie. left of Shih).


      Whoah! Tent-pole!

      1. Martin Silver badge

        re: Shwinnggg!

        And people wonder why it is that women are not keen to go into technology....

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: re: Shwinnggg!

          "And people wonder why it is that women are not keen to go into technology...."

          She has really fine legs though. I'm sure she was hired especially for that. Don't be a moron. Enjoy the view. (I didn't say lust. That's a different topic.)

          1. Martin Silver badge
            Thumb Down

            Re: re: Shwinnggg!

            She may well have good legs. I agree, she probably was hired for exactly that.

            And the fact that people in technology consider that, in this day and age, it is still acceptable to hire good looking women purely for decorative purposes pretty well proves my point.

            And I don't think the fact that I consider it unacceptable (and I also consider Mr Shwinngg's comment pretty unacceptable) makes me a moron, either.

  2. ukgnome

    “We seek to find a perfect balance between engineering and humanity.”

    "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the T101"

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    1. Chairo
      Paris Hilton

      Re: Android is attacking the desktop - WIndows is history

      The desktop part of this, well, mixture, still runs windows 8, so I don't see where Microsoft's grip is loosening.

    2. John P

      Re: Android is attacking the desktop - WIndows is history

      "notebook-desktop-tablet Android-Windows 8 hybrid"

      And Android's IRON grip on the tablet OEM's is loosening. Windows is getting it's foot in the door, and it's a matter of time before Windows becomes HUGE on tablets.

      And THAT could well be the first Year Of Windows On The Tablet.

      Hmm, sounds equally ridiculous the other way round.

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        1. 1Rafayal

          Re: Android is attacking the desktop - WIndows is history

          Looks like we are back in the Fantasy world of Eadon again... Oh well.

          On a sensible note, if you were going to develop a new OS for a new device, in this instance a tablet, when starting out would you choose to approach MS for a special relationship, or choose to use Linux plus some customisations? I know where most startups would go.

          By your own, twisted, logic, Android on the desktop should fail. You have shouted many times that a touch interface on a desktop is not good design practise. Does this then mean you expect Google, or someone else, to come up with a desktop environment for devices like this?

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            1. 1Rafayal

              Re: Android is attacking the desktop - WIndows is history

              Eadon, when I say desktop environment, I mean desktop environment - not a UI.

              Anyone can knock up a desktop UI for Android and sell that on the Play store, they could charge a few quid for it.

              Who is going to optimise Android for use as a desktop OS? And why bother when Chrome already does it?

              1. This post has been deleted by a moderator

                1. 1Rafayal

                  Re: Android is attacking the desktop - WIndows is history

                  Memory allocation and usage for applications on Android is a complete pain in the arse. Using this concept on a desktop would be a nightmare for developers, users and support technicians.

                  Just because it is built on Linux doesnt mean it will work in the same way as desktop Linux.

                  I dont know if these figures are accurate, but they seem to suggest that desktop Linux has the smallest installed user base:

                  On the same page, they also show that Android is the number 2 OS on mobile devices.

                  Why isnt Apple marketing a desktop version of iOS, I wonder.

                  1. Anonymous Coward
                    Anonymous Coward

                    I think the statement pwned comes to mind, nicely done....

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                    1. 1Rafayal

                      Re: Android is attacking the desktop - WIndows is history

                      You do realise that the kernel used in Android is significantly forked from the main Linux branch? You must do, as you already know everything...

                      Additionally, you are yet again confusing the kernel with an actual OS, you have been told before that the two are not one and the same. If you choose to use the term Linux as a catch all, then you should make that clear instead of making yourself look foolish.

                      As I said in my previous post, the figures may not be accurate. If I were to expand on that I would hesitantly say that they are representative though, which means that Linux as a desktop OS still have some way to go before it even escapes being a marginal installation.

                      In my opinion, note that I say opinion here, MS got something right with XP and to a lesser extent with 7. I have to wonder if they will ever release a version 9 of Windows, maybe with their new strategy for development we will have Windows 8 for quite a long time, in a similar manner to Mac OS X.

                      In the meantime, it may be better for you to stay away from stating hyperbole as fact. We all enjoyed a nice quiet week while you were back in the institution.

                2. The_Regulator

                  Rofl, dude when android takes over the desktop we will also be able to fly without any wings and there will be fairy dust available in every store. Give it up and get a clue. Android for consumption and apps, win8 for production and creation.

                  Asus actually has a pretty cool idea here although on that kind of tablet not sure how much win 8 is really going to get used so might be kind of gimmicky I hate to say given my personal opinion of win 8.

        2. keep-it-calm-or-more

          Re: Android is attacking the desktop - WIndows is history

          Desktop wars of what ?

          Proper cad software on Android ? Proper IDE that cross compiles to other platforms ? Well anything really productive and useful on the Android ? Real video editing and recoding tools ? Music composers (and i mean real composers not something that manages 4 tracks barely).

          Don't get me wrong here¸ Android is cute and all. But it doesn't even have the applications i have on my linux laptop and even my linux laptop isn't enough to compete with windows workstation desktops.

          I loved my android phone for hacking on it, i love my home linux desktop for hacking code at home. But comparing it to windows machine with all the software available for that, not really a competition.

          Hoping that Android just comes and sweeps the windows machines away is some weird fantasy, at least with that toy software that it's running currently. Yes some people are happy with that toy software and those people never really needed desktops anyway. But saying that android will conquer the desktop is a real stretch.

          1. mmeier

            Re: Android is attacking the desktop - WIndows is history

            Okay, I am a long term JAVA developer. Let's assume a customer wants to go tablet and asks "what OS". Then my answer is Windows (either 7 or 8) on a penable. Why?

            Because the desktop Java applications and applets he uses on his Windows/Mac/Solaris/... will run without problems on a Windows penable. If he wants them to run on iOS or Android - complete re-program of the UI part at least. And since our customers use quite a few Rich Client Applications (Swing Frontend / J2EE based backend) that would be costly

            The additional benefit that the rest of his work environment, in 92+ percent of the cases Windows, will work nicely as well and his IT staff/environment for client-pc (Again 92+ percent Windows) is icing on the cake. When you get IT in on the "tablet" decision - it ends up Windows penable.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Android is attacking the desktop - WIndows is history

      (or some similar LInux-based OS that supports android apps) Presumably you mean iOS

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  4. PhilipN

    the Trio should be available in Q3

    With Jelly Bean?


    1. Anonymous Custard Silver badge

      Re: the Trio should be available in Q3

      At this point it'd be surprising to see anything else, given Key Lime Pie hasn't been released yet, and there's some word that even that will be preceeded by another JellyBean flavour as 4.3.

      Even if they also make the flagship N7 device, they can't exactly pre-promise something Google hasn't released yet...

      That said personally I'm a little surprised to see someone biting for Tegra 4 over SnapDragon, given the slagging it (and nVidia) have been getting from some elements of the media lately.

  5. Mark .

    The Windows 8 Transformer Book already looked promising, but I was waiting for an 11" version - and this looks even better.

    I wonder what kind of battery life does it get when using the Intel Core processor - I'm assuming 15 hours is for the Atom? And can it run in Windows mode when just using the tablet? (Yes, Android is fine, but it would be a shame to spend all that money on such an all-in-one device, and not have that functionality too - otherwise an ARM might have been more suitable).

    1. Cryo

      From the sound of it, all the Windows hardware is in the keyboard base. It's likely built like a standard laptop, only the screen is detachable and includes additional tablet hardware for use on its own. Seeing as the tablet runs Android, I don't suspect they would make it a Windows tablet as well, or else they might as well have left Android out entirely.

      1. Mark .

        I think there are still advantages - I mean, if I'm sitting using the laptop, but I then want to pull out the tablet to pass it to show someone, I don't want it to switch to another OS. True, the flip side of that is why bother with Android, but it allows things like running Android software too, or if someone might prefer that when using it for a longer period in pure tablet mode.

        They already do a pure Windows 8 version of the Transformer Book - it's unclear if they'll be doing an 11" Haswell version of that.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not sure why I would want to boot the Windows 8 bit.

    It's like having a car with a changable engine. It comes with a 200BHP V6 engine that super fuel efficient, and a free 500CC Fiat 500 engine that takes up space in the garage.


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not sure why I would want to boot the Windows 8 bit.

      Please, choose your car analogies better. The Fiat 500 engine was small and efficient. You're probably thinking of one of those american SUV engines, large, noisy, smelly, and a awful gas guzzler.

    2. Getriebe

      Re: Not sure why I would want to boot the Windows 8 bit.

      Its 900cc and the car is a 500C. You c rating is wonky

      And your analogy should be like a std FIAT engine and one that is twin stage supercharged with Nitrous oxide and water injection

      But I’m fantasizing.

      1. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  7. Andrew Peake

    The girl on his right

    Looks like a slightly bored/bemused Ziva from NCIS, or maybe that's just my fixation with her

  8. M Gale

    Looks nice.

    Can I rip 8 out of it and replace it with 7?

    (And how much extra does that cost?)

  9. Philippe

    Taking "that's what Shih said"..

    to an all new level.

  10. RonWheeler

    What a ridiculous device

    Like using a 2CV converted into a trike, to tow a 5 wheeled horsebox that has been converted into a mobile generator.

    i'm sure the 3 people in the world who need this device will be very happy.

  11. bep


    my Asus Transformer Pad is slowly declining in usefulness. The updates to the operating system have somehow destroyed the battery life and now the stock browser is crashing when I try to open the bookmarks folder. All the other Android browsers seem to hate the idea of putting bookmarks into folders. Hmmm, this could be an interesting device, or it could be a Frankenstein's monster. Asus will eventually learn that bad after-sales support will kill you in the long run.

  12. BigAndos


    Can we please all agree to not accept "phablet" as a term? Thank you.

    1. D@v3

      Re: "Phablet"

      I have already adopted a stance that says anyone who uses it in my presence gets defenestrated.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: "Phablet"

        Right you are, "tablone" it is...

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