back to article Apple in Big Apple dock: iPhone goliath starts ebook price-fix trial

Apple goes on trial today as the last man standing against charges of ebook price fixing brought by the US government. Only Apple has refused to settle the case brought by the Department of Justice, which alleges that Cupertino colluded with five publishers to fix the price of ebooks in order to boost its margins and boot …


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  1. Mystic Megabyte

    Capitalism at it's finest

    Apple: "We can get away with anything, we're untouchable!"

    Me: "You're right, that's why I wouldn't touch Apple with a bargepole"

    <heads off to torrent "How to become a complete arsehole" by S.Jobs>

    1. nuked

      Re: Capitalism at it's finest

      Apparently the torrent is not required...

  2. Alan Denman

    head up its own arse.

    I'd suggest Apple were unable to cut a deal where it pays a little but gets absolved from any blame.

    So Apple is forced back into its own corner yet again?

    1. Don Jefe

      Re: head up its own arse.

      If it was simply a financial issue Apple probably would have joined the publishers and just paid. The amounts of the fines wouldn't be too detrimental to them. I think this is more of a high profile image exercise and a very public forum where they are going to spend most of their time blasting Amazon, not defending themselves. A few million spent to damage Amazon's reputation in the eyes of the public would be money well spent.

      Amazon is the 'enemy' here, that created loss leading practices which forced the agency model to evolve and undermined consumer choice by forcing small retailers out of business... That's what I expect the trial to be about.

      1. Vimes

        Re: head up its own arse. @Don Jefe

        Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only large high street retailer these days would appear to be Waterstones. They don't seem to be doing too well even after the agency model was introduced.

        I wonder if this will be pointed out during the trial?

        It's also interesting to note that excessive discounting by supermarkets amongst others seems to conveniently forgotten. Amazon and Apple aren't the only ones trying to push their own interests.

        1. Vimes

          Re: head up its own arse. @Don Jefe

          Damn it - not editing! - I meant to specify in the UK obviously...

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: head up its own arse.

        I concur with the logic here, however I do have the popcorn out and am in a comfy chair for this one.

  3. g e

    Pride comes before a fall

    Hopefully their is a linear (exponential if we're lucky) relationship between arrogance pride and altitude.

    1. wowfood

      Re: Pride comes before a fall

      There not their. Perhaps if Apple et al hadn't pushed up the price of books you could have learned which was the correct spelling.

      (I feel I must point out this is meant to be tongue in cheek)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I notice in the "Read more" section of this article, the tag "Price-fixing" has been applied. Innocent until proven guilty. Did you miss your "How to be a Journo Class 101"?

    Yeah, I know, it's all about Apple, so just down-vote me now.

    1. waldo kitty

      Re: Allegedly?

      I notice in the "Read more" section of this article, the tag "Price-fixing" has been applied. Innocent until proven guilty.

      That rule only applies in some court systems. In some systems, the defendant is guilt until proven innocent.

      Journalism classes have nothing to do with this ;)

  5. Tony Paulazzo

    Apple ensured that many of its contracts also had a “most favoured nation” clause

    OK, IANAL but doesn't that clause preclude anyone selling at a lower price than you, ie, pricefixing, or could Amazon continue selling ebooks on the kindle at a reduced price? because if they couldn't, then the price was fixed at a price Apple were happy with, but not Amazon (and I assume supermarkets - or could they continue to sell cheaper hard copy books - and if so, how?).

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