back to article Acer kicks off Computex with tabs and phabs

Acer got Computex 2013 off to a less-than-spectacular start this morning with the launch of the world’s first “one-handed” Windows 8 tablet, a 5.7in phablet and a new version of its flagship ultrabook. In a relatively subdued press conference, Acer president Jim Wong unveiled the company’s latest attempt to get back into the …


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  1. Furbian
    Thumb Down

    After having owned two Acer flagship (£1000+) laptops, both of which had problems like broken hinges, faulty network hardware, dead screen, dead sounds etc. not worth even considering. Add to that Square Trade (who repair out of warranty laptops) report ranking them as one of the most unreliable brands. Yes I'm hacked off by their poor hardware and customer support, and I'll sound off about it.

    1. Geoff Campbell

      Re: Acer Laptops

      I tend to buy cheap laptops, on the grounds that if they are then stolen or dropped, it's no big deal. Which is odd, as I'm very careful with gadgets, and have never dropped or lost a laptop. Oh, well.

      I've had a couple of cheap Acer laptops over the years, and they have both been very reliable and excellent value for money. Not, I would be the first to admit, a huge sample, but I do like to give credit where it's due. Perhaps their high-end stuff is made rather differently?


      1. Azzy

        Re: Acer Laptops

        I've had no problems with the 2 cheap acer laptops I've owned either, nor the one my mother had - but I had a lousy experience with the high end one I bought. As far as I could tell, the cooling just wasn't sized appropriately. If it was cleaned out with canned air every few weeks, I could watch videos on it, and do some light gaming without it overheating and throttling the processor (resulting in the system being entirely unusable). My friend had a mid-range Acer fail within ~2 years (screen died - still in service with external display).

        The chargers/power supplies for those laptops are a different story. Budget or high end, they're crap. The charger cords routinely break - the cord between the power supply and connector is coaxial, and the outer wire breaks away from the connector due to inevitable flexing of the cord. Between us, my friend and I have racked up 5 power cord repairs and one replacement with only five computers. The only saving grace is that the power supplies are all interchangeable, so we're not dead in the water when one fails.

        I also got duped into buying their A500 tablet. Granted the whole first gen of android tabs sucked - but the A500 was particularly bad. Several times the wifi crapped out and needed factory reset to fix, and physical design was awful - felt much heavier than the specs said. Wound up selling it for less than half what I paid a few months later.

        I can't recommend Acer for any scenario that demands a real computer, and there are far better options for scenarios that don't.

  2. ecofeco Silver badge


    Yes, I do believe I said "phablet" a few weeks ago.

    Got thumbed down for it too.


    (now who wants a pint?)

  3. DRendar

    Acer laptops in my experience are total junk, I've had to deal with literally dozens of the god awful things that get bought by friends & family who think they're a great deal, but after 6 months of use (if you're lucky) they are falling to pieces, cracking, overheating, filthy (due to poorly designed/sealed cases/keyboards) and crippled by a metric fuckton of crapware.

    Sure you can clean them up, restore them, wipe off the crapware etc, but they just end up falling to pieces anyway.

    Whenever I get asked what laptop to buy, the first words out of my mouth are "For starters, nothing by Acer or Advent"

    I won't touch them with a bargepole - If I got GIVEN one I'd sell it immediately.

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