back to article China ponders joining controversial IP trade treaty

China has signalled it may consider joining the group of nations negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade treaty that has attracted extensive criticisms for its proposed reforms to copyright law and other intellectual property regulations. China's People's Daily reports that Ministry of Commerce “spokesman Shen …


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  1. cyke1


    Like china would join something that would take a nice chuck outta their economy. Good % of their business's were built on stealing another's idea's from outside china and yet claim they came up with it.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The most disturbing part of the agreement

    is the reported clause that permits corporations to sue governments if said governments actions result in a loss of profits for the corporation. That would for example have allowed tobacco manufacturers to sue the Australian government over loss of sales resulting from warning labels recently mandated for cigarette packets.

  3. MrXavia

    Fail for the treaty, HOW can countries negotiate something on behalf of its citizens and NOT publish drafts before agreeing to it?

    We elect the government to protect and govern us, they work for us, not the other way round, the way it looks to me is they work for the minority with money, not the people..

    1. nuked

      "HOW can countries negotiate something on behalf of its citizens and NOT publish drafts before agreeing to it?"

      Because that would be negotiation fail on every level. A negotiator has to have the power to agree.

      Democracy is about electing leaders, not followers.

      1. GrumpyOldBloke

        re: Democracy is about electing leaders, not followers

        That is certainly what the public servants and the politicians would have us believe and it is true of the old ways where they sat around having a frank exchange of views (thank you Roger Waters). I fear the people are now starting to think that the public servants have gone rogue and that democracy is about electing representatives. I note the English government now appears to be struggling with these seditionist thoughts in the masses.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Democracy in action

    or not.

  5. ACx

    Oh stop wasting time caring. Government is for business, not the people. Money is all. We are just drones for business to use and abuse as seen fit. If we disagree, ultimately there is by business. No one give a toss what the EFF or any one else says, if these government want to do it, they will. End of.

    Grow up. We are irrelevant ants.

  6. Daniel B.

    Oh, another Mickey Mouse Protection Treaty!

    Couldn't help but notice that copyright term extension is among the TPP stuff. Copyright is getting real stupid these days... it's supposed to be a grant for a limited time. "Lifetime" does not a limited time make.

    1. Rukario

      Re: Oh, another Mickey Mouse Protection Treaty!

      > "Lifetime" does not a limited time make.

      I'm sure the MAFIAA can make appropriate arrangements for "lifetime" to be limited.

  7. Arthur 1


    "allow patents for new uses of existing inventions"

    The sudden IP gold rush this would cause is horrifying.

    Also, China must love the concept, they get draconian protection for all their own ideas, and their people continue to steal with impunity since - in China- such laws are never enforced domestically.

  8. Wrong ended schtick

    The great copyright robbery!

    They probably even think these are healthy policy amendments or Continual Policy Improvement or something, not devolution. Borg lawyers must be driving it with their own (secret) industry version of a kickstarter project contributed to by their mates (and their mates' companies).

    The systematic Rape and plunder of the public purse of each country is not enough; now the Borg wants to legally own (rather than just 'to have and to hold' our data)

    Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups; so what does that make the process of legally but unethically 'Assuming ownership' ?

    A. L-A-W, not theft, to those that take. Societal breakdown to those that create. The great copyright robbery!

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Allowing a patent on any given use for an invention would essentially allow arbitrary restriction on doing anything with any tool. The folly of such an idea almost defies belief; it's difficult to imagine it benefiting -anyone-, even the type of people who normally have their fingers in this crap. I hope that description is a misread of some kind; in its broad sense, application of that wording would essentially destroy commerce entirely...

  10. mhenriday
    Big Brother

    Why not make copyright forever ?

    And ex post facto, while we're at it ? Authors, musicians, painters, etc who had the misfortune to die before this wonderful legal device came to fruition could have their works assigned by an organ under the TPP to a depository - why not the MPAA or the RIAA, who have previously demonstrated their capabilities in this regard ? - which collects royalties on the works in question and sees to it that all infringers are slapped with fines and/or gaol terms. Thus, this horrible business of people reading, say, Confucius, Aeskylos, Dante, or Shakespeare, or listening to the music of Scarlatti, Pachelbel, Bach, or Mozart, or gazing at photos of the cave paintings at Lascaux or the Pyramids or statues of Praxiteles, etc, etc, without paying royalties (gasp !) could finally be brought to an end and peace and order restored to the world !...


    PS : Simon, given, as you point out, that «they [negoiations on the so-called TPP] happen behind closed doors and don't result in the publication of any official communiqués», hitherto without China's participation, perhaps they should be considered rather a reflection of «just how [Washington] likes to conduct a fair bit of business» ?...

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