back to article Rackspace floats virty router and firewall into its clouds

Moving to clouds should mean breaking free of all kinds of specific hardware devices and running as much software as possible on generic virtual machines – which is why Rackspace Hosting is partnering with Brocade Communications to bring its Vyatta vRouter software to its public and private clouds. Brocade has been gradually …


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  1. Steve 53


    What a load of marketing tosh

    It does a miserable job of saying that you can take your own paid for vyatta license and slap it on any cloud service you like. Vyatta have AWS Marketplace appliances, and the cost for support is about the same if you go annual, or considerably less if you're willing to stump up for a few years.

    "Up until now, RackConnect has required an F5 Big-IP or Cisco ASA hardware appliance, but now customers will be able to use vRouter virtual routers instead if they so choose."

    And yet for a pittyful 100mbit throughput on the firewall you need to run a fairly large server instance. The ASA appliance will run rings around it.

    And on the F5 Big-IP front, load balancing in Vyatta is pittyful, and that's not even scratching the surface of what an F5 can do if you turn the right knobs.

    "One important thing, says Engates, is that both the Cloud Networks service and the vRouter service are both IPv6 compliant, so you don't have to mess around with IPv4."

    Unless you actually want any users to be able to connect to your services...Don't get me wrong, IPv6 support is nice, but it has so little adoption in this country that having an IPv6 only service is pointless.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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