back to article AWS taps social networks for identity verification

Amazon Web Services makes most of its money out of its infrastructure services, but that isn't stopping Bezos & Co from trying to broaden the remit of their cloud. One way to make AWS more attractive to devs (and thus use more services) is to have them build entire web sites on top of AWS, and to do this Amazon needs to …


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  1. Chris_Maresca

    Seems redundant

    Most (all?) major programing languages have easy to use libraries for openID & Oauth, both of which underlie this service. There is also widely-available browser-side code for users to pick an auth provider.

    And, in the end, you still have to keep track of your users somehow, so it's not like you can actually get away with zero server-side code for anything but the most basic app.

    That said, being able to login to the AWS console using federated credentials is a very good thing as it allows for centralization of auth credentials (makes it easier to change/revoke all at once...).

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In a word,... No! I do not want my Facebook account having access to my AWS creds or any other social network for that matter. Nor do I want Amazon (Or HR for that matter) milking my social account data.

    Any form of integration that benefits anyone other than me is BS and unnecessary.

    Single sign-in technology is a single point of failure for hackers to take advantage of.

    1. Lars Silver badge

      I have to tell my cat she is now safely identified for AWS. She is Angorian.

  3. Oldfogey

    Identity? From Facebook??

    If they think that my logging on via Facebook tells them anything about me, they are much mistaken. My name is correct (almost) but every other piece of data is wrong. Even the beer I like.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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