back to article Fibre boosters trip the light fantastic with 800G BPS LINKS

It's been quite a weekend for fans of fast fibre, with Ciena and BT demonstrating 800 Gbps superchannels, and Bell Labs offering a glimpse of higher speed submarine cables. Announcing the deployment at BT, Ciena noted that while laboratory speeds are far faster than 800 Gbps, the UK deployment covered an already-deployed 410 …


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  1. Adam 1


    800 GBPS != 800 Gbps

    Kids these days. We all know the proper unit of bandwidth is Olympic swimming pools

    1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

      Not just the kids

      These days several ISP's promise speeds of 'up to 20mb'. Decades ago, you could buy a 40mb hard disk.

      1. Suburban Inmate

        Re: Not just the kids

        That'll be the IBM 62GV then.

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  3. Trustme


    That's only 3,360,000 times faster than my poxy home broadband connection. Not even a terabit. You have to wonder if they're really trying all that hard.

    1. Roger Jenkins

      Re: 800GBPS?

      Well here in Aus. our illustrious opposition party say that UP TO 25 Mbs is more than enough for most people, so we don't need that new fangled fibre stuff, well except to the nodes after which decrepit copper is easily good enough, so, keep your high speed fibre no more research needed.

  4. Rampant Spaniel

    If they want to test it on a transpacific node I know of a little volcano in the middle of nowhere that would gladly host a node :-)

  5. Christian Berger

    Apparently even per wavelength

    You can do multiple wavelengths. I'm not sure if you can still do 100 at those speeds, but more is certainly possible.

    That's why we _really_really_really_ need point to point fibre when doing fibre upgrades. Only then you can run multiple generations of endpoints at the same time making upgrades feasible. Or we would at least need dedicated wavelengths per user.

  6. C. P. Cosgrove

    Long way for a shortcut !

    I will admit I do not know exactly where BT's Adastral Park is, but Ipswich to London = 410Km ?

    A quick glance at my mapping software suggests 85 - 90 miles, say 130 to 150 Km. Not that it isn't an impressive achievement - I would like a small share of that - but how are they routing it ? Via Leeds ?

    Chris Cosgrove

    1. Marek

      Re: Long way for a shortcut !

      Fibre routes often take a very rambling route to their destination and given this was an experiment they may well have routed this well out of the way of a normal connection between Ipswich and London.

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