back to article Grim outlook for Big Storage as revenues dip across board

Mainstream storage vendors seem to be in trouble as Dell, HP and IBM's storage revenues have tanked over the past two years. Stifel Nicolaus analyst Aaron Rakers created a spreadsheet comparing his records of how these vendors' storage revenues changed quarter by quarter. El Reg's storage desk charted the numbers: Vendor …


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  1. Lusty

    I suspect this is the usual "race to the bottom" rather than an actual decline in sales. We've sold more storage in the last year than ever before, but it's been cheaper due to various discounting from vendors to try and win market share.

  2. Horndoggie

    To me there have been too many big on-line organizations hacked. We can back up our personal stuff on external drives or our business stuff in-house for just the cost of the hardware where it is much more secure.

  3. K

    The real growth magic comes from startups ... Veeam..

    Umm really? Think you need to double check that one ;)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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