back to article Camby cash crypto-coders Cronto chomped on pronto by Vasco

Swiss software firm Vasco has bought Cambridge-based banking security specialist Cronto in a deal valued at up to £14.5m. Vasco will pay $19.3m (€15m, £12.7m), and a further $2.6m (€2m, £1.8m) depending on future earnings, to get its hands on the British upstart's malware-defeating technology. Its software attempts to shield …


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  1. JaitcH
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    Another Cambridge success story

    ARM, Raspberry Pi and now Cronto.

    Of course we shouldn't forget Acorn Computers Ltd, Andy Hopper, Aveva, Broadcom, Cambridge Network, CamSemi, Camcon Technology, DANTE, Hermann Hauser, Jagex, the somewhat notorious Sinclair Research Ltd, Sagentia (formerly Scientific Generics), Global Silicon Limited, CSR plc and not forgettig Cambridge University!

    In particular, Trinity College, Cambridge University for the founding of the Cambridge Science Park in 1970.

    Pity the weather isn't more like California.

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