back to article Vodafone revenues hit as customers in Europe hang onto their cash

The end of Vodafone's financial year saw the company writing down £7.7bn in assets, leaving it with a profit of only £673m based on annual revenue which declined 4.4 per cent to £44.4bn. The revenue drop was the largest ever for the telecommunications giant, it said. The bright spot in the Vodafone numbers was again Verizon, …


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  1. ukgnome

    Oh Heck! Does this mean they will be paying even less UK tax than usual?

  2. dramill

    Money, money, money

    Might explain why I got a sales call off them a fortnight ago, when only 3 months into my SIM-only contract:

    Do I want to upgrade my wife's PAYG tariff to a contract? No, and that's her decision anyway.

    Do I have a tablet? Yes

    What tablet is it? A PlayBook

    Is it 3G? No

    Would I like a 3G tablet? No, I'm saving for a Surface Pro

    Would you like Vodafone's SmartTablet, that's Windows 8 you know? No it's not, it's Android

    Do I have a laptop? Yes thanks, it's only 12 months old

    Do you take it outside of the house? Yes, when I go on holiday

    Would I like a Vodafone 3G dongle for mobile broadband? No thanks, I'll stick with free wifi hotspots

    Would you like an additional phone for only £8/month? No thanks, I don't need one.

    Do you have any children? Would they like a phone? No, they're 7 and 2!!!!!

    OK, is there anything else you'd like to buy from us? No. NO NO NO NO NO.

    1. Lloyd

      Re: Money, money, money

      I cancelled with them last month and had to give a months notice, curious then that 6 weeks later that line is still connected, I wonder how much I'll be charged for that.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Money, money, money

        Let me guess you asked for a PAC in the hope that threatening to leave would result in them offering a better deal. You then didnt bother using the code leaving the line active.

        Certainly not on the side of the networks but the amount of people who do this then complain their line is still active is unreal.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Money, money, money

        Check for spontaneous itemised billing on data tariffs that don't exist. I can't be the only one.

    2. druck Silver badge

      Re: Money, money, money

      dramill wrote:

      Would I like a 3G tablet? No, I'm saving for a Surface Pro

      And they didn't spot it was a wind up at that point? You are so cruel!

      1. dramill

        Re: Money, money, money

        Having pee'd money up the wall buying a PlayBook I now don't use and don't want, I'm trying to stick true-to-form ;-)

  3. fixit_f
    Thumb Up

    Doesn't bother me

    My Voda shares are doing just nicely thanks :-) up nearly 25% in a year.

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