back to article Buff American beauties keen to dominate Euro youth in tech tussle

Competition at the ISC’13 Student Cluster Challenge will be the fiercest yet. Nine university teams from five continents are building, testing and optimising their own multi-node HPC clusters in preparation for the live face-off that will take place on the ISC’13 show floor in mid-June. During the show, the students will be …


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  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Colorado is also home to the NIST

    I especially like they are running weather simulations.

    Hopefully this will improve the next generation of GCMs.

    But what of the winning teams over the last few years.

    Where have they come from?

    1. danolds
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      Re: Colorado is also home to the NIST

      I just finished an interview with a couple of WRF experts where we discussed the app and how to optimize it. I'll have a link to that interview in a near future blog post here.

      If you're looking for past Student Cluster Competition results, you can find my articles by searching my name on The Reg, of course. This stuff goes back to 2010. If you're looking for all of it, you can also visit - that's a new portal site we built to be a one-stop-shop for all things related to the Student Cluster Competitions.

  2. Eddy Ito


    For a moment I hoped the headline meant this was a story about Brazilian models competing for H1B visas with programmers. No worries, not completely disappointed.

    1. danolds
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      Re: Oh

      That's a story I've been pitching to Reg editors for a few years now, plus additional coverage on other models who are trying to make their way in the rough and tumble world of HPC. In order to do this story justice, I'd need to travel to various locations and have the resources to blend into the world of the super model. So far, I haven't had any luck convincing them that: 1) this is a good story for The Reg and...2) that I'm the ONLY PERSON who can pull this off.

      I'll keep trying, though.....

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