back to article 'India attacked Norwegian telco to get at Pakistan, China' - report

Security researchers have uncovered what appears to be a sophisticated targeted attack launched from India and designed to steal information from a range of government and private enterprise victims in Pakistan, China and elsewhere. What began as an investigation into an attack on Norwegian operator Telenor soon uncovered …


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  1. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    Just because the target is Pakistan does not make India the obligatory guilty party. Russia has no love for Pakistani-linked Islamists in Chechnya and neighbouring countries. Shia Iran has more than an interest in destabilising Sunni Pakistan, especially if it makes trouble for the US. And even the US itself has plenty of groups, both official and private, that would target Pakistan. Need a bit more proof.

    1. Furbian

      Re: Inevitable

      Quite mixed up, Pakistanis in Chechnya aren't the issue, I doubt one has ever been sighted there, the converse is the problem, Chechens having joined Afghan outfits, that plants bombs in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Iran wanting to destabilise Pakistan thing, another weird one, they just completed their gas pipeline to Pakistan last month hoping that the Pakistanis will buy that in preference to staying friends with the US for some 'aid'. It's also a common allegation that Pakistan has assisted the Iranian nuclear program.

      US based hack possibility? Accepted, but they don't need to hack, forget data and passport records, which are something they are known to give the US full access, the Pakistani government will even happily hand over it's own citizens without due process, and better still US citizens can run over people, shoot them dead etc. their release will easily be arranged too. Let's not even start on drone attacks....

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: Inevitable

        Or it could be a double bluff by the Norwegians.

        Just look at the statistics.

        1st millenium, no internet, lots of viking attacks

        2nd millenium, limited internet, reduced viking attacks

        3rd millenium, universal internet, no viking attacks

        The vikings have obviously moved into cyberwarfare.

  2. pigor

    All evidences indicate Indian developers: trivial cryptography, no encryption in communication, sloppy programming, etc. etc.

    Clearly this is the typical modus operandi of Indian software development.

    Russian hackers are much more sophisticated than that.

  3. TeeCee Gold badge

    Methinks they doth protest too much......

    .......claiming the reference to Appin in the report was a “marketing gimmick on the part of Norman AS” and that it has already initiated legal proceedings against the Norwegian firm.

    Hmm. All Norman AS have done is mention the Appin references in code and suggest that someone might be trying to frame them? And that's caused them to go so far off the deep end that they're risking decompression sickness?

    So the only question remaining is; who got them to write it then?

  4. williamer

    Espionage or Joke ??

    It's no doubt based on the quality of code,cheap 2-3$ visual basic trojans which are freely available for downloading they are indians.

    Amazing to see registered lab-computers to their company-name innefu.

    funny to see following addresses

    R:\payloads\ita nagar\Uploader\HangOver 1.5.7 (Startup)\HangOver 1.5.7 (Startup)\Release\Http_t.pdb

    C:\Users\neeru rana\Desktop\Klogger- 30 may\Klogger- 30 may\Release\Klogger.pdb

    C:\Users\Yash\Desktop\New folder\HangOver 1.5.7 (Startup) uploader\Release\Http_t.pdb

    It looks indian goverenment have outsourced their espionage operations to really cheap contractor,perhaps 1000$.

    All hackers can apply at ,you should have atleast 0 years experience & receive excellent salary of 150$.

    Its shame to call this indian goverenment espionage operation.China would be glad to find so much information about indians in this report.

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