back to article Chocolate Factory chucks out Checkout

Google Checkout is the latest product to check into the Chocolate Factory's hospice, with merchants told it will be farewelled in six months. Merchants using the service are being encouraged to switch to Google Wallet Instant Buy or find another payment processor – a move which involves a lot more disruption to the small …


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  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    it'd be funny

    if google gave the axe to youtube for a day as an april fools joke.

    1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

      Re: it'd be funny

      I walk by the youtube offices every day on the way to my work, so also give those folks the day off too.

    2. ratfox

      They did

      This year's April fool announcing YouTube is shutting down in order to select the very best video of the web. Also, don't miss the 12-hours video announcement of the nominated videos!

  2. Gulraj Rijhwani

    Isn't this the problem with any independent service provider

    Google is particularly bad. They're so big the just throw their weight around and no-one has the inertia to stop them. (A bit like IBM of old times.) But whereever you get a service from, there are no guarantees it will last forever. In Google's case, of course, potential customers are - if they have any sense - going to become increasingly wary of starting in with one of their services, lest it be consigned unceremoniously to the tip.

  3. mark l 2 Silver badge

    Yes i am suprised they have ditched Google Wallet since they actually charge for using the service (percentage of the sale amount for every transaction) and they have also been encouraging people to link their google shopping accounts to checkout so they appear in the search ads to show the merchant accepts google checkout.

    I guess this means more money for Paypal as the alternative of Braintree that google are recommending requires you to become PCI complient which is a major hastle for small businesses and the reason why they probably went with Googlecheckout and didn't get their own merchant account in the first place.

    1. Rob 5

      "Yes i am suprised they have ditched Google Wallet..."

      I think you may be confused. They are ditching Google Checkout but keeping Google Wallet.

      FWIW, the migration has already started, internally. My last but one payment for Google Voice was processed via Google Checkout, but my last payment (a couple of weeks ago) was processed via Google Wallet.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Google Checkout, Google Wallet differences?

    I've googled it but apart from the RFID facility on mobiles for Wallet, the descriptions seem basically the same!

    I'm thinking of website payments from my desktop PC!

  5. TheDoc

    No surprise

    Google drove merchants away from Google Checkout over the years by having no customer service, by blindly processing any chargebacks without listening to merchants, and by hiking prices. I am shocked that there is anyone left using it. Which is probably why it is getting the chop.

  6. Andy Fletcher

    Glad it's closing

    It's been awful - nowhere near the quality I expected it to be, and no-one seemed to want to use it.

    My firm had a pitiful quantity of customers use it, and of those over 50% resulted in chargebacks. This despite the assurances from Google that the payments were good and we should ship the goods. It's been an expensive exercise in futility.

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