back to article STILL wants to tout pupil data – don't use the word 'product'

At the end of 2012, Education Secretary Michael Gove told Parliament that he wanted "to share extracts of data held in the National Pupil Database for a wider range of purposes than possible in order to maximise the value of this rich dataset". Ultimately, the government wants the private sector to tout "tools and services …


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  1. nuked

    Well let's hope that 'anonymised data' extends beyond simply hiding a spreadsheet column or two.

  2. Alan Bourke

    Just when you think Gove can't get more unpleasant ...

    ... he outdoes himself.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Just when you think Gove can't get more unpleasant ...

      He appears to have an unlimited ability for getting unpleasant, and then, outdoing himself at this. Quite a remarkable character, on a certain level.

      That said, they've got quite a remarkable bunch in that government. This of the all-embracing T. May, think of the charming deputy PM. By contract, our Glorious Leader appears rather... bland.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Just when you think Gove can't get more unpleasant ...

        "By contrast, our Glorious Leader appears rather... bland."

        Only visually. On performance, look at his unique skill for creating a problem for his own party where none previously existed - 50% tax rate, Europe, Scottish referendum, HS2, armed forces cuts, child benefit, etc. Even Swiveleyedloongate is purely a product of Cameron choosing to surround himself with his Etonian mates, forming a lovely clique of arrogant, out of touch, over-privileged f***wits.

        Most of us occasionally tred in dog mess. David Cameron, on the other hand seems to s*** in his own garden, then tread in his own mess.

        1. JohnMurray

          Re: Just when you think Gove can't get more unpleasant ...

          Being a quite unpleasant person, a chancer who steps in dead mens boots before they are cold, Mr Cameron would step in dog **** and then clean his shoe on your doormat.

  3. Code Monkey


    There really is nothing these slimy little shites won't do for a few quid is there?

    1. Lallabalalla

      Re: Unbelievable

      No. No, there isn't.

  4. Anonymous Coward 15

    How good is this data considering they can't plan school expansion with a 5 year warning?

  5. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    Dr Mr Grove...

    Without referring to either a 3rd party "expert", or an internal policy advisor, please give us the detail behind the statement below:

    "rigorous data safety controls"

    Betch can't do it.

  6. This post has been deleted by its author

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Some sort of joke ? Sadly not

    The government has proved time and time again that they can be trusted with PII data and yet plan on gathering more. And why would the police need to know about children’s development data aside from illegal profiling ?

  8. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Gove. His hands on your childrens data.

    It's a deeply unappetizing thought.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ... is one of those little men who tucks his shirt into his underpants. Someone should give him a massive wedgie.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Gove wedgie

      OK!!!! but who is brave enough to do it? I shudder at the thought of anyone putting their hand down there.

  10. ACx

    Probably trailed it by giving it to a not Tory not BBC paedo ring. Because, lets face it, this data set will never end up on a password-less laptop left on a train for any one to find, copy and upload.

    And here we are supposed to be worried about kids seeing internet porn.


    1. Dave 15 Silver badge

      Not the first

      Suffolk County Council took it upon themselves to have some random bloke come in and photograph all the kids in my sons school, all of these photos along with names, addresses and parents details were then posted (yes posted) on unprotected media to a company that then produced 'bus passes' from them which were in turn posted to every kids home.

      Apparently we were all sent a letter (by the letters being put in the kids pigeon hole for them to bring home) which allowed us to opt out of this.

      So all the kids names, addresses and photographs were sent unencrypted to a random unchecked company and then the cards with photo and name on them sent in ordinary post back to the houses... no chance of any compromise there then.

      Of course, want to teach the kids rugby or football.... you need major vetting and checking....

  11. Pen-y-gors

    Do they put these loopholes in deliberately?

    ‘persons who, for the purpose of promoting the ... well-being of children in England are...providing information... and who require individual pupil information for the purpose

    Dear Mr Gove,

    Please give me the individual details of every pupil in England so that I can provide them each with information about the importance to their physical and mental well-being of a proper breakfast every morning, a breakfast such as the excellent "Happy Breakfast" of a brunch McMuffin and coke that my company offers at very reasonable prices.

    Yours etc

    R. McDonald

  12. Number6

    All your children are belong to us

    The answer, although sadly impractical for most parents, is to write to the head teacher and ask that your children's names be removed from the school roll as they are now being educated at home. Net result, a database with no entries. Education is compulsory, school is not.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No they don't, not in my experience at any rate.

    I tried several times to get...

    AnonButConsistentPupilId, School, Subject, Level, ExamDate,, Board, Grade, Percentile, for the whole country, but they wouldn't give me it.

    This was because they knew I'd do a bit of this, and a bit of that, and deduce that A in Sociology was worth E in Physics, and it would throw the "Girls do better than boys in exams but they still earn less" mantra on its head.

    They also know that I'd demonstrate that far from Tudhoe Junior School being only 5% behind Haberdashers, it was in fact 90% behind.

    So what they want is for you to think that they want the figures released, without actually doing so. There is simply no getting access to the data. They release selective statistics. Labour were worse than Gove about this, but he hasn't done it either.

  14. David 45


    Another huge database just waiting to be cracked open. I can see hackers and spammers rubbing their hands in glee, as I speak. When will they ever learn?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why are our politicians hell bent on sharing - sorry selling our personnel data to anyone. Yet, when it comes to spending OUR money on their expenses its a different matter. Snouts in trough yet again! And then they wonder the UKIP is so popular (not a supporter) because how bad can they be when compared to this lot – well any of them really - at least they would know what they were getting!

  16. JohnMurray

    UKIP is popular because so far they have not been revealed as a bunch of crooks, conmen and creeps.

    Something that a certain Mr Farage seems intent on remedying.

    Some may be racist, but then that goes for the other two farties as well.

  17. JaitcH

    Once a closed database, now for sale - typical Tory government

    Is nothing private any more? If all this is on sale, why do they restrict the photography in schools or blur children's faces in newspapers.

    And what of an opt out clause?

    Gove, a new swear word.

    1. Number6

      Re: Once a closed database, now for sale - typical Tory government

      It's part of the verb "to give", as in "I Gove the database to my cronies so they can make money".

  18. Anonymous Coward

    disgusting exercise in bad faith

    "Researchers who need access"

    Please please please, no more whining researchers who 'need' access; wanting isn't needing.

    The tories want their mates to make money out of data that was collected for other purposes (this _has_ to be something for the ICO - oh wait...) and lucrative directorships await the political scumbag and associated penpushers who pull the scam off.

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