back to article Google forges BigTable-based NoSQL datastore

If you're Google, building cloud services for the public must be frustrating – after spending a decade crafting and stitching together software systems for use internally, when you try and sell them to the outside world you need to unpick them from one another. It seems more like butchery than creation, but that's the name of …


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  1. Sirius Lee

    No advertising warning

    Why is there no adverising warning on 'articles' like this? Big Table has been around for years so there can be no concept of Google forging (present tense) anything. It was forged years ago. Revamped maybe. Rebadged, perhaps. And no mention of the key/value based storage service in Azure which has been there since the service was launched.

  2. flibbertigibbet
    Thumb Up

    Jeeze, where did you spring from?

    The tightest, most information packed review of competing cloud systems I've seen. Where the fuck you did you come from?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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