back to article Dell will drop the F-bomb FIVE days early in epic power struggle

Dell has pulled forward the reporting of its fiscal Q1 financials by five days amid a battle between Michael Dell and activist investor Carl Icahn over the future ownership of the Texan PC giant. The company confirmed last night that it has scheduled the conference call with analysts tomorrow - 16 May - indicating that Dell's …


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  1. Down not across Silver badge

    I'd guess the results must be pointing out that Icahn is full of hot air, and his valuation is off the mark.

    1. M. B.


      ...they probably want to get this information out before they finish their deliberations. Icahn only thinks the company is worth a mint because he owns shares in it. We'll see how quick he is to retract his proposal after seeing the financial results.

      That's where Icahn and Mike Dell are different, Icahn will see the writing on the wall and get as much money out of it as he can (which is what he's trying to do anyways), Dell-the-man will take the business and transform it into what he thinks it needs to be in order to survive and succeed.

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