back to article EMC hits flash leader Fusion-io where it hurts: Low-cost server cards

Storage, virtualisation, info and cloud giant EMC is set to widen its attack on server flash card leader Fusion-io by releasing a low-cost flash card for hyper-scale data centres. Server flash card cache coherency is also set to appear for Oracle RAC environments, according to Stifel Nicolas analyst Aaron Rakers, who was at …


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  1. M. B.

    I should hope so...

    "We also expect EMC to refresh its VNX line of mid-range arrays in the second half of this year."

    It was on stage at EMC World, demonstrating the thread scheduling and performance enhancements of the MCx technology across 16 cores. They didn't mention much about it though, nothing beyond "here we see MCx running on the next generation VNX platform". Can't wait to see what's under the hood, they need to catch up to HP and Dell in the midrange as I'm finding both of them are practically giving away NAS heads with the 3PARs and Compellents, both of which already have refreshed platforms.

    As for the new cards, if EMC wants to be the value leader with the weight of their name then this market will heat up, FusionIO will need to either cut costs to compete (how low will EMC go?) or come out with something revolutionary. An "Executive-friendly" brand plus lower costs plus integration with a large ecosystem of products is a sound recipe.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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