back to article Amazon coughs millions for Liquavista screen tech while workers strike

Amazon has nabbed screen tech firm Liquavista from Samsung, potentially for its use in building a colour ereader, while its workers go on strike in Germany. Although the etailer already has Kindle-branded tablets in colour, it doesn't as yet have a sun-defying ereader display that can do colour, an option that would give its …


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  1. James 51

    If if they can make a good colour ereader (with a proper screen like e-ink, no LCD nonsense), as long as it can be rooted I might be tempted to buy one.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Rooted for what?

      A colour screen doesn't mean HD or high refresh rate (so possibly still useless for video, 'active' web sites, etc).

      If it did - then I agree that it could have 'uses'.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        @AC: RTFineA - Video is mentioned

        "Liquavista's tech is called electrowetting, which it claims can make displays clearer in all lighting conditions and play video without using a lot of power." (emphasis mine).

      2. James 51

        Re: Rooted for what?

        Reading all my DRM free epub files (would never buy a kindle otherwise because of the walled garden and want to support publishers who are doing the right thing).

        The colour is useful for kids books. My son is very young and black and white images don't hold his interest as much.

        Also I use sigil to compile notes for classes I take. Being able to make text different colours would be very useful as would being able to see colour in diagrams.

        Support for inline audio would be next on my wish list but I realise that's unlikely in an e-ink device.

      3. Roland6 Silver badge

        Re: Rooted for what? @AC 14:04

        Obviously you didn't read the comments on the Nook article ( ).

        The main reason is to put a bunch of ebook readers on to a single device and to have a PIM ie. an e-ink style screen on an Android device would basically give you an updated Palm Pilot - strange that HP/Palm didn't think of that.

  2. Spoonsinger

    Come on Reg....

    The tech is called 'Electrowetting'!!!!, and you couldn't have made a tag line as awesome as the name!!! God help us.

    1. Richard 120

      Re: Come on Reg....

      Whilst I agree with you in principal, the number of consecutive exclamation marks in your post makes me nauseous and implies a sickness in the head, please use them sparingly or the world supply will run out.

      1. Spoonsinger

        Re: Come on Reg....

        It wasn't me!!!!!!! :-)

      2. PeterM42
        Thumb Down

        Re: Come on Reg....

        It's "principle" - you dork. A "principal" is like a headmaster.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Devilllls Plaaaythang ...... yehhh---aaaahhh!

    Oh, Leip-zip. Ok then.

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