back to article NBN Co hoses down 'scary Russian crackers' report

NBN Co, the company building Australia's National Broadband Network, has found itself having to refute reports in the finance press that its networks had been “penetrated” by “cyber gangs”. While attacks and scans are the lot of any and every network administrator, the company says the reported Trojan infections never got past …


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  1. Persona non grata

    AFR does another hate based report on the NBN

    Population yawns in surprise.

    Never trust tech reporting by an economist is the takeaway.

    Actually never trust an economist is the takeaway.

    1. blearrgh

      Actually, I am genuinely surprised ...

      ... that it wasn't The Australian running the story. (Yet.)

  2. Rattus Rattus

    So a couple of users... an infection on their PCs. This is news... how? Not that I mind El Reg reporting on it, I just cannot see how it is of any importance at all to Australian Financial Review.

    @Persona non grata

    "Never trust an economist" - that is damn right. I have never met one that did not make my fists itch.

  3. david 12

    Having to refute...

    by talking to journalists, because they refused to talk to journalists about it before.

    If they hadn't tried to keep it a secret, there wouldn't have been a story to refute.

  4. Choofer


    The NBNCo corporate network is also COMPLETELY separated from the operational network. Typical politically driven drivel from one of Murdochs papers.

    1. John Angelico

      Re: Yawn in error

      The Fin Review is owned by Fairfax (aka "Faufacts"), not Murdoch, actually.

      In error, you are.

      1. John Angelico

        Re: Yawn in error

        Oops, mis-spelled: "Fauxfacts"

  5. BlackKnight(markb)

    ZOMG blame the red head in charge.

  6. splatman


    It's well know that a slight infection helps build resistance. NBNCo will probably be doubly alert now.

  7. Michael Xion

    Unleash the Newtork Beems! That'll fix it.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Disclosure ...

    If no customer / personal / privacy type information was detected 'stolen' as a result of the unfortunate infection, then disclosure may not necessarily be required, though in the spirit of positive organisational identity and security openness for fostering ongoing public trust it may be desirable, once any investigation by the authorities is complete (If the AFP are investigating it, that might leave us waiting some years for official disclosure).

    Given that security breaches of some form or another affect pretty much every internet user (personal and organisational) eventually, and considering even the likes of Google, EMC/RSA have been hit with the devistation they were, <company gets hacked> its self is not surprising news. There isnt enough time passed yet to say for sure whether any investigation by the authorities has completed as opposed to some reporter wanting answers that arent yet ready to be released.

    Although I could 'buy' it that Fairfax Media would be getting impatient for a doom-gloom-failure-coverup-scandal about an government backed company in a digital information industry that they attribute to falling newspaper sales and advertising revenue etc...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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