back to article So you've got a nice virtual desktop stack – wait, here comes DaaS Boot

Storage supplier GreenBytes has teamed up with desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) provider Desktone to dedupe virtual desktop data and accelerate its delivery to employees' machines. Desktone provisions and boots virtual desktops from its cloud through partners such as Dell and Fujitsu. Customers can treat their entire virtual …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    Let me get this straight ...

    I can get rid of all my corporate desktops by outsourcing to these people, all I have to do is purchase a desktop machine for all my employees and get them a subscription to the cloud?

    What's wrong with this picture ...

    1. Oninoshiko

      Re: Let me get this straight ...

      no. you use a thin-client. These are appliances which cannot be used as desktops (they can only be used to connect to the VDI machine), and to not require anywhere near the management a fully desktop does.

      Yes, I've used them.

      1. jake Silver badge

        @Oninoshiko was: Re: Let me get this straight ...)

        Dumb terminals? I've heard of those. I even use them. I'm typing this on an IBM Model M attached to a 3152 plugged into a serial port.

        But seriously ..."The Network Is The Computer"? ... Or was that 3270LUs? Whatever. We've moved on. Unless you're planning on running Procomm on your iFad/Fandroid ...

  2. Shagbag

    Daas Boot

    Isn't there a bootloader already called that?

    Wait. No. It's Das U-Boot.

  3. btrower

    Not as dumb as you think

    I am increasingly working via RDP on machines other than the one in front of me.

    It is very convenient to be working on your desktop in one city, disconnect, travel to another city and just reconnect. Once you get used to working that way it is hard to imagine going back.

    I currently have to do this either with my own managed cloud infrastructure, partner/client infrastructure or my own small office server environment. It sucks managing it.

    The problem with most of the current virtualization things like this DAAS is that it costs too much for what you get. It is cheaper thus far to host yourself. However, that is guaranteed to change.

    Meantime, if you can make the business case and you can trust the back end supplier (not sure *I* do), this is a brilliant way to phase out your own infrastructure while beefing up fault tolerance, disaster recovery, security, etc.

    It is the trusting the back end supplier that is the real sticking point.

  4. Velv

    Bigger picture

    Fits very nicely with Bring Your Own Device.

    There are already apps out there for VMWare, Citrix and plain old RDP (and probably others). So all you end up providing in an office is a WIFi access point and some authentication and a big set of pipes out of the building.

    It's the future man, the future!!! (OK, it's not there just yet. There remain substantial "gaps", and cost is still high. When it finally becomes cost effective it won't be in exactly the form it is now. But there was a time when nobody would EVER have put a computer on a desk - that's just ridiculous)

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