back to article Rackspace shares crater in drab results aftermath

Rackspace's shares have fallen off a cliff after the Texas cloud company reported less than glowing revenues. In a sign of the fractious affections of the financial market, the company's shares were down almost 25 per cent in trading on Thursday, following Wednesday's lackluster results. Though Rackspace grew revenue 20.2 per …


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  1. Steve Button Silver badge

    A good buying opportunity?

    The price is right, and this company has plenty of smarts.

  2. K

    It does go to show

    Even though Cloud providers sell their products as the future, it appears not enough customers are convinced and people are not jumping to them in the swathes that Cloud evangelists would have people believe.. Thank you el reg, your restoring my faith in humanity!

    I would add Cloud has its place and has many benefits. Hopefully this is a sign that the concept of Cloud is finally maturing. But those trying to market and sell it need to be truthful and stop shoveling it into peoples faces as if its a miracle cure for all IT woes and focus on those who will actually benefit from it. .

    1. ARP2

      Re: It does go to show

      I think its an issue of sensitive v. non-sensitive data. If you're hosting a website or other non-sensitive uses, you're going to use a commodity player like Amazon. If you have sensitive data, it's going to be DIY or a more expensive private cloud provider. I think many companies have already "clouded" everything they feel comfortable clouding. In reality, some of these cloud providers provide better security than DIY, but there's an element of control over your own destiny. I also think that many cloud providers agree to security, but may not back that up with big payouts (indemnities, etc.) if there is a breach. Without that "skin in the game" many are reluctant to push their data out to the cloud.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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