back to article Fasthosts CEO Burton hits alt-F4 for last time at web biz

Fasthosts Internet CEO Andy Burton has resigned and is set to leave at the end of June, The Channel can reveal. After nearly four years at the helm, the IT veteran - a former Clearswift COO, ex-CEO of Centennial Software and previous FrontRange Solutions veep - says it is time seek out pastures new. "I'll have completed four …


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  1. robert_raw

    I am sure this is probably going to get loads of negative comments but we use Fasthosts as one of our hosting partners for our clients on a budget and I honestly cant fault them.

    Much better than some of the other cheaper suppliers out there.

    Service was always good for me but is excellent now.

    1. DJV Silver badge

      You were lucky

      I saw the other side of them and it wasn't a pretty sight (or site!). They are going to have to give us more than 2 years of a good track record before I would ever think of using them again.

  2. Danny 14

    not used em in years

    When we did use fasthosts they were dire. Paid for our own box but got shunted onto some cruddy backbone because we were running "intensive scripts". Moved to 34sp and never looked back.

  3. Snapper


    I remember when I wanted to sell some domain names along with a company I wanted rid of, they held everything up because they had 'no mechanism' to move one name from one internal system to another. The technical staff just didn't want to know.

    In the end I had to relinquish the name, buy it back so it was on the 'new' system, then sell it to my buyers.


  4. Trustme

    Clunky, overpriced crap (2 years ago anyway)

    Fasthosts were awful for several years when I was with them, since I moved my hosting away had virtually no problems for myself or my clients and at a les than a third of the price FastHosts were stinging me for. It's all changed now since 1&1 starting killing the market but you can only comment on what you experience.

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