back to article Nvidia sales and profits rise despite PC slump

Graphics and ARM chip maker Nvidia is sailing smartly through the shrinking PC market, boosting both sales and profits – and doing so despite its transitions to Tegra4 and Tegra4i processors for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. In the first quarter of fiscal 2014 ended on April 28, Nvidia's overall sales rose by 3.2 …


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  1. Mombasa69

    If you buy an Nvidia or AMD GPU, you're also building a CUSTOM PC, that means putting it together yourself, you aren't buying a ready built PC, hence why a custom PC doesn't show up on PC sales... well duh.

  2. ecofeco Silver badge

    How is this possible?

    No one I know (IT pros) would ever recommend nVidia for anything.

    IT pros of very large famous companies.

    1. lightknight

      Re: How is this possible?

      *shrugs* They are probably considering their audience's technical capability, wallet capacity, and attention span, then recommending accordingly. Typically if someone is coming to ask you which video card to put in their machine, it means they 1.) have a budget in mind, and 2.) probably already have a card picked out, and just want you to tell them it is a good buy. Since no amount of persuasion will sway them into buying a better card (they really are only going to spend $70 on it), and your time is your time, well, telling them that a Intel or AMD integrated video chipset is all they need saves you a lot of hassle; and if they care, they'll research it on their own. Gone are the days when people would show up with large budgets and say "I want the best machine you can build me for $4K."

      I mean, even talking to fellow techs these days is painful. "Dude, all you need is a dual core machine, with a 128MB video card, and a 80 GB HD." -> there are people out there like this, and they are multiplying. There are even people who do not understand why 64-bit x86 is more awesome than 32-bit x86...and would prefer than all apps continue to build 32-bit versions well into the future. I feel like I've lost a loved one when I have to explain something so basic to these types.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's been years since I bought my last graphics card

    (dual GPU ATI Radeon HD 5900). I recently looked at what was available, and can't really see much difference in performance between similarly priced Nvidia and AMD offerings. They both make nice kit, but there is nothing on offer in the top of the range that is actually needed by current AAA games. I guess I'll just wait until lack of grunt becomes a problem. That would be good, because it would mean game makers are getting more ambitious in the number of polygons, the resolution of textures and the general level of complexity in their games. Maybe the new consoles will spur things along.

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