back to article Symantec CEO: I'll AXE up to 4 in 10 execs by July

Symantec's profits collapsed last quarter amid a company-wide restructure that will axe bosses and rejig routes to market. For the final three months of fiscal 2013, which ended 31 March, the company's earnings tumbled 66 per cent on the year before to $188m (£121m). Turnover climbed four per cent to $1.748bn (£1.13bn), the …


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  1. Alex Rose

    Backup Exec 2012

    I wonder how much of the problem is people deciding they can't stand the new interface in BE 2012 and looking for a new backup product? I know my firm is hunting around and we currently use it on about 150 servers....

    1. K

      Re: Backup Exec 2012

      I'm in a similar situation (But with far less servers).

      The thing that really killed it for me was a recent infrastructure refresh meant we needed all new licences, but trying to make head or tales of the costs is impossible. So we're jumping ship and probably heading to Unitrends.

    2. vonRat

      Re: Backup Exec 2012

      After the diabolical 2012 was released we ditched BE and tape drives for the StorageCraft suite & NAS. I thought there was something wrong with ShadowProtect when I first installed it as there weren't pages and pages of settings and controls. Then I realised that backup software didn't have to be an overcomplicated mess.

  2. Malvernite

    Possibly their problems is their products suck?

    Used to love using Norton Ghost, when you could boot and image entire hard drive from boot up floppy... It was fast, brilliant and uncluttered, now look at how complicated it is to image a drive from newer versions of Norton Ghost... In end gave up as we used to buy for customers to backup drives, now use Acronis backing up software and never looked back..

    Then used to use Norton Anti Virus, but boy that was a seemed so slow and inefficient and slows down PC... Now using ESet and again never looked back..

    After being burnt twice from their software, have gone else where and not looked back!!!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Possibly their problems is their products suck?

      Agree. This is a company that has burnt a ton of bridges in a similar way to Microsoft IMHO. Ghost was a great product once- it really worked. But in recent years company progress has been directed towards aggressive sales tactics, as opposed to innovative engineering. They once had a huge foothold in retail. Just look at how much of their security software came bundled with every windows machine sold at every outlet. What a coup! And for what? All those poor consumers being duped! My guess is I've had to fix over a hundred retail laptops that fried their windows installations due to botched auto-updates of Norton AV...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "increasing spans of control for our managers"

    So what your basically saying is you'll double the work load of your existing manager?

    Good man, carry on!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Given that Symantec have shed developers on their Altiris, Endpoint Protection and BackupExec product teams (cost savings no doubt), is it any wonder that their products are rubbish? We use all of these products at work and they are terrible from an admin perspective. I recall BackupExec before it was bought by Symantec and it was a great, easy to use piece of kit. Now it's just a turd rolled in glitter, same with the rest of their product portfolio from what i have experienced

    1. NeilMc

      Re: Pleb

      Turd rolled in Glitter; I have not heard that one before. What a gem LOL.

      I often use the phrases "polishing a turd" or "putting lipstick on a pig"

      all very appropriate re: Symantec products as a retail user I have seen my home PC's all slow down or suffer random and lengthy auto update events.......... frustrating as hell.

      Based on this string, could be time to move on as well.

  5. iansn

    Norton>Symantec>Shit - Veritas>Symantec>Shit

    Not to mention their no existent after sales service, or "that will be fixed in the next version at the end of next year" or not as the case maybe. Backup Exec was a brilliant, Veritas was a great company, for training and after sales, and follow up, just call me if you have any problems was the usual ANSWER FROM ANY OF THEIR TRAINERS. Now if you can't google the answer they won't supply it. No f##kin wonder. Ghost, BE, AV everything they touch turns to rat shit. A schoolkid could do beter interfaces.

  6. DJO Silver badge

    Minimise or maximise, you choose.

    The entire group will be split into ten focus areas to minimise confusion

    Does anybody really beleive that stands a chance in hell of actually working?

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