back to article Google not sabotaging YouTube on Windows Phone after all

Microsoft has debuted a new, native YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 with a completely redesigned interface, despite its earlier claims that Google was deliberately preventing it from delivering a first-class YouTube experience on the platform. There has always been a YouTube app available for WP8, but it didn't take long for …


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  1. Michael H

    Kind of an odd stance from MS

    "Windows Phone invested additional engineering resources against existing APIs to re-architect a Windows Phone app that delivers a great YouTube experience. ... Microsoft did not receive any additional technical support to create the Windows Phone YouTube app."

    In other words, reverse engineering, which Microsoft itself despises and works against (particularly with Skype)?

    1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Re: Kind of an odd stance from MS

      Well the shoe is now on the other foot (Assuming this statement means someone elses foot) and other companies are doing to MS what they previously did to other companies.

    2. Tom 13

      Re: Kind of an odd stance from MS

      When I ran that through my MSSpeak to English translator it coughed up:

      "We let monkeyboy loose in the code room for the last release. Now that our overseas sweatshop coders have cleaned it up, you should have a tolerable product."

    3. jaduncan

      Re: Kind of an odd stance from MS

      I won't hold my breath for the apology over the original statements (or indeed the complaint to the EU) before they bothered to actually write an app.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    WP, so easy to program for that even Microsoft cannot easily create apps for.

    How many times has Microsoft not provided support to others? Didn't Microsoft keep API's secret so that their products would integrate better than the competitors?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Google should not be so kind with Microsoft

    they should just return the favors they received from Redmond.

  4. Kurt 4
    Thumb Up

    The new app works great. Just got done pinning a channel to my start screen (try not to be jealous android users).

    WP8 already had a couple really good youtube apps, MetroTube and MyTube. The free option by Microsoft is great though.

    1. Bill the Sys Admin

      or you could just access the site. Youtube does HTML5.Apps are no longer needed.

      1. sabroni Silver badge

        Youtube does HTML5.Apps are no longer needed.

        Wow, gun jumper! HTML5 implementations on the different handset OSs (and manufacturers builds for a certain Googly OS) are way too inconsistent to be claiming apps aren't needed. If you know your market and target the most popular devices you can cover just them, but fixes for one renderer can break another, and as soon as you start shipping device specific stuff you may as well be developing device specific apps.

        It is definitely the way to go though, I think we just need a few successful HTML5 sites to push the manufacturers to agree on exactly how the standards should be implemented....

      2. NumptyScrub

        quote: "or you could just access the site. Youtube does HTML5.Apps are no longer needed."

        Unless the target video is still in Flash, which "for technical reasons" is all the ones that want to show interstitial ads and provide proper behavioural tracking. Strange how many videos off Youtube don't work in Firefox (missing plugin required) until you install / allow Flash player.

        As long as people want to make money off their Youtube channels (and Google want to make money off their advertising partners), you will have Flash videos instead of proper HTML5 ones. At least until HTML5 includes the same persistent cookies and other tracking features currently provided by Flash, so they can provide a fully HTML5 compliant advertising feature.

        Cynical? Moi? ^^;

  5. mIRCat

    I suppose...

    The four Windows phone users will find this useful.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: I suppose...

      I doubt it.

      If you ask any four people, you'll always find at least one can't be arsed about YouTube.

    2. Tommy Pock

      Re: I suppose...

      And I'm sure the four Lamborghini Aventador owners are kicking themselves for not buying the hugely popular Ford Mondeo

      1. hplasm

        Re: I suppose...

        And I'm sure Andrex Labrador owners are glad they have something else to wipe their arses on other than a WinPhone...

  6. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Must try harder?

    "Windows Phone invested additional engineering resources against existing APIs"

    Sounds a lot like "Google did not help us, so we had to RTFM and get some smart folk to actually do some work on this product".

    As for MS claiming "a bad boy hid the APIs and won't give them back" it really could not happen to a nicer company.

    1. Mikel

      Re: Must try harder?

      The other developers who already had youtube apps in the Windows Phone store must be feeling warm and fuzzy about their commitment to Microsoft's platform about now.

  7. Gordon Pryra

    Sounds like crap to me

    " Microsoft did not receive any additional technical support to create the Windows Phone YouTube app"

    In nutshell, the first guy we talked to said it could not be done and it must be Google's fault.

    We sat down and thought about it for a bit and worked out how much cash they would be loosing from advertising and thought "really?"

    So we got some guy out of the local work experience program to spend more than 5 minutes and found out it was a piece of piss

  8. Alan Denman

    Come on Microsoft, invent something!

    That is the problem for the likes of Microsoft and Apple.

    Content is actually part of the whole package, so why not yourself, bring something new to the whole world?

    1. Tom 13

      Re: Come on Microsoft, invent something!

      Because innovation happens in small groups, not massive borgs of workers. Even when you find a good skunk works operation with lots of people, those people are largely in small, mostly autonomous groups that can quickly move on new ideas. Even 50 people in the working group is getting large for that kind of innovation.

  9. PaulR79

    What's their excuse for the awful music player then?

    If Google are to be blamed for the poor YouTube app who is to blame for the abysmal music player on WP8? A music player where you cannot edit a playlist after creation. A music player where you cannot see what music is on your now playing list. A music player where you cannot clear your current playlist. A music player where you cannot add or remove tracks to existing playlists or in order to create new playlists.

    I could go on but you get the idea. I can forgive and work with a lot of annoying issues but for such a basic function of a smartphone they've managed to make it the most infuriating music player I've ever had to use. I'd also like to know whose smart idea it was to link media volume to ringtone, alert, message tone volume and thank them for giving an example of what to avoid for future creators.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nice reverse engineering

    No commercials. Reading and swapping through comments while you watch etc. etc. Now wait for Google to block the reverse engineered stuff. So you can sue.

    Btw, It would be great if we could skip the google sign in if you want to favorite something. Can you reverse engineer that too? So the list of your favorites is actually stored on your outlook account in the cloud instead of a google account?

    Ah anyway, you would have done better making a great dailymotion app, there's much more interesting stuff to see there ;-)

  11. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    "Just got done pinning a channel to my start screen (try not to be jealous android users)."

    I'm managing not to be 8-)

    Anyway, I second the I'm with Gordon Pyra on this one -- I think most likely, the app writers just were not familiar with youtube APIs (I mean, if you've never written a youtube app before -- I sure haven't -- then you'd have no reason to know them), just assumed some stuff wasn't possible, then found out actually it is.

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