back to article NBN rollout to reach 1.3m new premises by late 2016

The timetable for rollout of Australia's national broadband network (NBN) has been updated. The nation's terminal-looking government, which faces an election on September 14th, has unveiled plans to provide an additional 1.3m premises with a fibre to the premises (FTTP) connection by December 2016. A canned statement about the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We are in the run up to an election. Expect perfidy, obfuscation and bullshit from all sides.

    Regarding the NBN specifically, I'm sure this schedule will be every bit as accurate as previous NBN schedules.

  2. John Angelico

    Free - well, can I get 10% off that?

    "FTTP for free policy"

    The policy might be free (and not worth the paper it isn't printed on), but the supply of fibre to one's premises will certainly NOT be free, as the NBN has to turn enough of a quid from those connections to pay all its bills, including interest.

    1. Roger Jenkins

      Re: Free - well, can I get 10% off that?

      You are correct, it is not free. It would be better to say that it will be connected at no direct cost to the consumer.

      Yes NBN will have loans to service and indeed will give the incumbent governement a return as well.

      On another point, many of the changes that the Libs. will make to the current NBN plan will require new legislation, pits and ducts etc. I am wondering how the half Senate election will go. If the Libs. don't get the numbers in the Senate it may be a tad difficult to get legislation through, then, of course, they could blame the Senate for making them complete the FTTP.

      Here's hoping.

  3. -tim

    Where are these numbers from?

    How are they going to make the rate? To do this work, you have to be a licensed cabler and have the telco ticket. You also need about at least $50,000 worth of kit all for a job that you will not have (if any promises are kept) in a decade. The pass rate for the decade old HFC networks where much faster to complete and they never got close to this rate.

  4. Craig Foster

    The cabler's perspective...

    Spoke to a cabler while getting non-NBN fibre installed...

    NBN Co set a fixed price per splice and per connection. This disregards the state of the pit, pipe, weather conditions, or other circumstances - they'd have to purely to stop cabler subcontractors rorting of the system. Problem is Telstra's pits are notoriously unkempt and it costs the contractor $5000 to legally drain a waterlogged pit by a certified hazmat handler due to the chemical in their corrosive "waterproofing" gel around their copper.

    I can understand both sides, and with the Aussie winter coming, there's likely to be a bucket more delays due to pits.

    So the winner will be either the HazMat handlers (if Labor wins) or the lawyers (when Liberals win).

  5. DavidAtEeyore

    The Phantom NBN

    I looked up my address on the NBN site (Melbourne NW of CBD abt 5km) not even on their map yet, no estimate of when either.. Interestingly, we live on a main road, where on the other side, a hell of a lot of fibre has been dragged and every week, folk are in the big pit, joining fibre.

    On our side of the street [1km from Telstra exchange bldg.], the nearest pit is cracked , waterlogged and contains plastic-sheathed 100 pair Cu cable...I am not holding my breath waiting for the NBN rollout of any flavour!.

  6. TimChuma

    When monkeys fly out of my butt!

    It will be lucky to be finished by 2030!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    May as well launch my own satellite

    There'll be fiber on Mars quicker than to my suburb

  8. mathew42

    More like 2018

    "“Construction to commence within three years - we will commence construction in your area from Dec 2014 in phases with last construction scheduled to commence in Dec 2016”

    There are plenty of areas from the 2012 update where last construction scheduled to commence much later than Dec 2016: For example:

    * Cabramatta, NSW - June 2017

    * Heidelberg, VIC - Sep 2018

    * Stonyfell, SA - Mar 2017

    NBNCo estimate that it takes 12 months from the time construction starts for services to be available - that means Heidelberg should be connected in Christmas 2019 if there are no delays.

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