back to article Twitter snaps up ex-banker IPO expert - CAN'T THINK WHY

Twitter has hired an ex-banker with experience in initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions to head up its corporate development team, sparking rumours of an upcoming market debut. The microblogging site is one of the next tech firm public offerings for investors to get overly excited about. Which they probably will, …


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  1. JDX Gold badge


    Twitter is both a real company and not years into its life like FB was. Seems a good time to IPO - they're established but not stale.

    The less networked way twitter works - no friend groups except in a transient way - might give more longevity too (maybe).

  2. g e


    For at least 25 minutes.

  3. nuked
    Thumb Down

    I think it's a little sad that after the IPO they are legally obliged to make as much profit as possible, at the expense of pretty much all else.

    I, for one, have enjoyed watching them become an integral part of the media landscape, and a platform for transparency throughout the world. That will shortly become a part of history, and not a part of their strategy once publically owned.

  4. A Man From Bras


    Well, judging by the amount of spam adverts sponsored tweets that started filling up my Twitter timeline over the past few months, Twitter are already well on their way to transforming themselves into the latest "ad-slinging" social network.

    After a few weeks of replying to the companies foisting the spam adverts sponsored tweets upon me, asking them questions about fictiious health scares with their products, I eventually gave up and closed all my Twitter accounts.

    Any other 'despisers-of-spamverts' wanting to flee Twitter before it becomes intolerable should check out the ad-free alternative Although in theory it's a paid service [hence the lack of ads], it's pretty easy to score an invitation for a free account, with a bit of judicious Googling DDGing. The clientele seem a bit more "tecchie" on ADN [as its aficionados call it] too.

    1. A Man From Bras

      Re: Ad-annoyed

      D'oh! +1 for an edit button.


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