back to article EMC to reveal identity of Bourne-based storage platform

EMC is set to announce a software-defined storage product known as a Sea of Storage (SOS) as a new product category, alongside its Centera and Atmos object storage-based systems. Vulture Central's storage desk has deduced this from tips, rumours and rumblings around the storage jungle, and we're told a mid-May announcement …


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  1. Choofer


    I think you are actually reading far too much into this. I've spoken to highly placed EMC architects about what is coming, and it is nothing more than a unified management platform, but promptly cloud washed. There's no new real capabilities as such, just a way of managing all the various products that EMC sell you through a single management framework.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Yawn

      Yeah, that is what it looks like to me too... from the marketing. It looks like IBM's SVC, NetApp's V series, and other virtualization layers. I guess the difference is that they are going to tightly integrate it with VCenter. That is the direction VMware/EMC are going. They want everything to be a VCenter plug-in and VMware to rule the data center.... I wonder when they are going to use that Nirica purchase to incorporate networking virtualization in VCenter.

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