back to article IBM considers System X surgery: Will it ruin its sexy HPC figure?

The increasing amount of speculation over IBM's potential unloading of all or part of its System x (x86-based servers) business onto Lenovo has high performance computing (HPC) players wondering about the implications for the sector. What would be the eventual impact on IBM, and the HPC market in general, if Big Blue were to …


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  1. ToddR

    IBM xseries

    I dont think it mmatters at all. IBM's large HPC installations, are either PSeries or iDataplex if x86 based, which they are keeping hold of.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: IBM xseries

      Agree, most of IBM's big time HPCs are Power CPU based anyway. This is no big deal. If they wanted to buy some x86 nodes and cluster them. I am sure they could buy some whiteboxes from whoever without any problems and string them together with GPFS.

  2. Alan_Peery

    Very nice article

    Good successive breakdown of the Top 500, teased out industry connection, etc. Enjoyed it.

    Maybe this sale to a foreign company provide could be the time for Intel (a US company) to break the Paragon out of storage and retake the market by storm? ;-)

  3. HCL

    IBM-Lenova deal

    While in terms of the overall bussines volumes, it may not make a difference to IBM, it will have an long term impact. There is an increasing trend towards open systems, particularly in the Non-US markets. Non US markets are going to be global drive engines in the HPC segment. Not having X-86 portfolio will sure hurt IBM. Also retaining a part of HPC bussiness may not work in the long term as IBM's clout over Intel to extract best prices on X-86 configured systems wlll drastically fall and hence they will turn out to be loosers in the competetive sapce. IBM has to pick one boat to sail

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: IBM-Lenova deal

      IBM will still sell high end x86 regardless of the outcome of the Lenovo talks.

      Intel has long wanted IBM in their Xeon camp more than HP, or anyone else, despite HP buying more chips because IBM has the only viable threat to Intel in the server CPU market. Power is still considerably better than Xeon and really the only thing people use other than Xeon in any numbers, still some AMD out there but not much new AMD being sold. Intel knows they are getting HP's CPU business anyway, so no need to bend over backwards on price.... Volumes don't matter when the supplier knows you are going to buy from them anyway. They would very much like to incent IBM to sell their Xeon CPUs instead of Power though. IBM will get competitive pricing regardless of how many x86 servers they want to sell.

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