back to article A10 ships new iron, OS

A10 Networks has announced new gateway devices and a revision to its ACOS operating system. The three new chunks of metal are the 6430 / 6430S (same unit, with and without SSL support) and the half-the-power, half-the-price 5430S. A10's director of product marketing Paul Nicholson introduced El Reg to yet another measure of …


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  1. Nate Amsden


    I've always felt that A10 was fishy when they never quote layer 7 performance, only layer 4. What are we still in the early 00s ? Pretty much everyone should be on layer 7 these days, and in most cases should probably use load balancer configurations that re-use http connections on the back end servers (F5 calls it oneconnect, forget what Citrix calls it - I think just connection multiplexing - and it's on by default on Netscaler - last I used F5 it wasn't on by default but not hard to enable). From what I was told this particular technology was created by Netscaler, and then cross licensed to F5 (in exchange for F5's cookie handling stuff).

    Layer 4 load balancing was more useful back in the day when the code couldn't leverage more than a single cpu core. I remember back with BigIP 6400 I think it was - several years ago dual socket beefy systems, but only 1 cpu could be used for load balancing (we used the other CPU for global DNS). Nowadays, even though the code isn't *that* good, it's good enough to run on multiple cpus, hence crank up a few more features and deliver a better experience to the end users as well as to the back end servers.

    layer 4 I suppose is fine for non HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

    A10 does do Layer 7, but for some reason I've never - ever seen them quote performance numbers.

    I used F5 for a long time, though past couple years have been using Citrix to see how it works.

  2. TKW

    Layer 4 connections per-second-per-Watt = Layer 4 connections per Joule.

  3. chaosmagnet

    A10 won't be around long

    Didn't A10 get nailed with a $60M verdict for stealing code from Brocade? They don't begin to have that kind of cash. I can't figure out how they're going to be around much longer.

  4. Spoonsinger

    You know you are getting old...

    when you read a Register article and you've no idea and no interest in what it's on about.

    1. Skoorb

      Re: You know you are getting old...

      Basically, why A10 think they are a better bet than paying a third party to filter your traffic for you.

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