back to article 'I still get on the phone for a $5k deal' - NetSuite CEO's anti-SAP mission

California-based Salesforce has been an unstoppable force in Software as a Service (SaaS) for 14 years. It pulled in $3.05bn in revenue last year, and just booted rival enterprise tech maker SAP from its slot as the world's number-one customer relationship management software (CRM) company. But there’s another SaaS company …


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  1. zaax
    Paris Hilton


    Keeping your hand on the tiller means you know where your company is going. Once you take it off (and it is very easy to do so) it is very difficult if not impossible to get it back and if you don't your company will fail.

    Paris knows all about tillers and keep her hand on it.

  2. mfisch

    Misleading article

    What a misleading article.

    I can appreciate SaaS -- but this company isn't the disruptive entrant into ERP it's spun as. Compared to salesforce? I can get on the Benioff CRM bandwagon for $65/month/user. Despite being an order of magnitude more economical than Oracle's eBusiness Suite -- NetSuite still smells like Ellison.

    While the article in two places seemed to indicate they'd tackle $5k deals -- NetSuite sales told me (in kind enough words) to take a hike unless I have $60,000 to spend in year 1.

    Paid Ad? Maybe Nelson meant it's $5,000/hr to get him on the phone.

    This is less a critique of NetSuite and moreso the article's spin-factor.

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