back to article Barnes & Noble bungs Raspberry Pi-priced Nook on shelves

In a perhaps desperate bid to drum up sales, Barnes & Noble is selling its Nook E Ink-based e-book reader for a pound less than 30 quid - a discount of £50. If you want the version with an illuminated screen, it’ll be £69 - £40 less than it usually is. Oh, and the firm’s 9-inch Nook HD+ tablet has also had its price slashed, …


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  1. Gordon Pryra

    Knowing little about these things

    Is it possible to read books purchased via Amazon on these things? if it is then maybe buying up a few would be worthwhile.

    If the reader isn't that expensive then it really becomes a good tool, even taking the experience closer to the old books (reading in the bath, by the pool etc)

    1. Pooka
      Thumb Up

      Re: Knowing little about these things

      For some reason El Reg ate my earlier reply.....

      They can be rooted and have the Amazon app installed (I saw instructions somewhere, but couldn't be bothered!) - I do it the other way and just use Calibre for managing my Nook.

      There's a couple of us in this office that are very very tempted by this - I might grab one or two just to use as spares!

      1. Microchip
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        Re: Knowing little about these things

        Lifehacker has a post on it.

        I suspect it'll need a bit more updating (see XDA forum, ) from the guide, but the basic premise stands no doubt.

        1. Roland6 Silver badge

          Re: Knowing little about these things

          It would seem that this is quite a capable device once rooted:

          Nook Simple Touch plays Toy Story < >

          So whilst it is an e-ink device and so you shouldn't expect it perform as well as a normal android device, it is sufficiently capable to be a useful complement to a conventional smartphone/tablet.

      2. Mark Honman

        Knowing a smidgen more about these things (maybe?)

        A few weeks ago we bought a Nook HD for £119 at JL.

        As an ereader it is a bit of a loss (I would definitely buy a different product, probably the Kobo one), but the "great enabler" for this device is that it can boot from SD.

        The first step was to get the Google apps onto the Nookified Android. A 4GB microsd card is needed - instructions here:

        The result is pretty good, the only problem is that some Play Store apps are listed as not available - e.g. Evernote had to be installed from the B&N shop thing.

        However there is an even better plan - get a fast microSD card (e.g. UHS type) and install vanilla Android on it, run the thing from the SD card:

        That's working really well for me, all apps install happily (Evernote and Skitch included) and the device has a nice his-res screen that's bright enough to be usable in sunshine.

        As a device it *does* have e-reader type limitations - no cameras, no GPS...

    2. Martin

      Re: Knowing little about these things

      I've heard that if you use Calibre and some DRM-removing software, you can very easily convert Kindle books to work on other e-readers.

      Not that I'd know anything about such a thing, of course...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Knowing little about these things

        Easy for you and me: totally beyond my mother in law, for instance.

        And actually it wasn't that easy for me to piece together the various forum posts and scripts available to come to a working procedure to do the job.

        (Calibre + Apprentice Alf's DDRM scripts + Kindle for Mac download client registered to the account holding the books).

        I got a generic chinese android tablet for 50 quid when my last kindle broke I am totally not going back to Amazon. The fact that this is cheap and a bit more open-ish makes it very attractive offer though.

        1. phuzz Silver badge

          Re: Knowing little about these things

          I decided last night that I'd try buying books from somewhere other than Amazon, so I ended getting a couple direct from Penguin. They use the Adobe copy protection, which took me so long to work out how to activate (turns out you don't need an Adobe ID, you can just authorise one computer), that getting it into Calibre was the easy part of the deal (the same plugin works for kindle and adobe drm).

          My kindle is about 3 years old now, so I might drop £30 just to have a backup device for when it dies...

    3. LarsG


      They are in the sh*t.

  2. Oor Nonny-Muss

    Well - in theory since it's Android-based, it should be possible to get the Kindle app on there somehow...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Looks like you can.

      That'll show you how to root it. Then you can whack the kindle store etc on it by the looks of it.

      I've just pulled the trigger. As I've still been using analogue books up until now.

    2. Tapeador

      android apps

      actually yes, mine has opera mini installed and a few other bits

  3. Mark #255


    The other option is to, erm, "unlock" your DRM-encumbered files from Amazon, and convert them using Calibre into ePUB.

    Quite where you would find the "DRM removal tools" required to do this is left as an exercise for the search-engine-equipped reader.

    Of course, this brings the added benefit that you won't be subject to any 1984-esque moments, too; but you wouldn't get all the automagic synchronisation of books and bookmarks over wifi.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: alternatively...

      Of course, this brings the added benefit that you won't be subject to any 1984-esque moments, too; but you wouldn't get all the automagic synchronisation of books and bookmarks over wifi.

      Though if Amazon get to find out that you are doing this sort of thing then I think you can get a lifetime ban from Amazon (plus immediate revoking of rights to acces all exisitng kindle "purchases")

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: alternatively...

        "Lifetime ban" from Amazon "If" they find out then you "think" that they "could" ban you. - lots of ifs and maybes in there.

        I didn't realise Amazon had teams going around checking Nooks for copies or books they think may have come from Amazon - or even searching peoples computers for installs of DRM removal software. Is there actually a way Amazon would know what is on your Nook? And even if they did know this, why would they care, it's not as if you hadn't paid for it - and given Amazon the dosh.

        Worst case - on the assumption that Amazon can find this out - you set up another Amazon account (or does the ban apply to everyone in your house).

        Perhaps the threat of the BAN is a good reason for people not to get their books from Amazon in the first place - let's face it, if the threat is "we will ban you if we find you are removing DRM" then the most obvious option for users who have multiple devices is to acquire e-books where somebody else has already removed the DRM - and then Amazon will lose.

        1. Mike Flex

          Re: alternatively...

          ""Lifetime ban" from Amazon "If" they find out then you "think" that they "could" ban you. - lots of ifs and maybes in there."

          Amazon are very thorough; I hear they're looking in every Nook and cranny...

      2. John Gamble
        Black Helicopters

        Lifetime ban from Amazon (was Re: alternatively...)

        Ooh, there's a threat.

        I already get most of my books from non-Amazon sources (Calibre itself will find sources for you, and there are still these things called "bookstores" out in the real world). My e-reader is not a Kindle, and just in general there is no reason to yoke oneself to Amazon anyway.

      3. jubtastic1

        Re: Lifetime ban

        Won't be so funny later when they're the only shop still in business.

      4. Tapeador

        Re: alternatively...

        "a lifetime ban from Amazon (plus immediate revoking of rights to acces all exisitng kindle "purchases")"

        while they can do the former, they could be estopped from doing the latter (legal term meaning 'prevented by a court, under its 'fairness-related' jurisdiction, from going back on a promise which you relied on to your expense/detriment'). that would be expensive for them both financially and reputationally. alternatively it could be an unfair term per the unfair terms in consumer contract regulations, and again they'd be dragged through the courts and lose.

    2. tojb

      Re: alternatively...

      "Of course, this brings the added benefit that you won't be subject to any 1984-esque moments, too; but you wouldn't get all the automagic synchronisation of books and bookmarks over wifi."

      Just open a books folder on your dropbox account (my low-tech version of this), or pay a couple of quid to get Moon+ reader, which .... opens a books folder on your dropbox account, and also (probably) uploads a few bits and bobs of metadata, bookmarks etc.

      Mines the one without a kindle in the pocket.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      What Calibre of person would do such a thing!

  4. sugerbear

    Good price

    Really good at this price, maybe B&N should have sold them at this price to get a bigger market share first of all.

    Always playing catchup with Amazon/Kindle.

  5. gerryg
    Thumb Down

    £29 e-reader dodgy marketing?

    ASDA had none in stock in store last night, out of stock on line

    B&N had problems on line today

    John Lewis - out of stock online

    Argos - 10 nearest store have none to reserve/out of stock on line

    Got bored looking

    1. Paul Westerman
      Thumb Up

      Re: £29 e-reader dodgy marketing?

      I did the same as you, but I just ordered one using the link at the top of the article, worked for me (cue email in 5 secs saying they're out of stock)

      1. Number6

        Re: £29 e-reader dodgy marketing?

        Provided they honour the price and don't take too long (i.e. taking less than a Sinclair[*]), I'd be prepared to wait a bit.

        [*] I'd like to propose this as a Reg unit of measurement for delivery times.

    2. NoOnions

      Re: £29 e-reader dodgy marketing? Don't think so...

      I ordered mine from last night. Colleague in the office ordered hers this morning from the same site. Both are on their way to us.

      It was highlighted in the Evening Standard last night (as B&N are donating 1,000 units to the ES reading scheme). I suspect most stocks got wiped out last night.

      Best thing is being able to borrow eBooks from my library online, something the wife's Kindle cannot do (shame on you Amazon!)

    3. Anomalous Cowturd

      Re: £29 e-reader dodgy marketing?

      I ordered one online with B&N, but without registering for an account. Failed after a couple of minutes with a "payment refused" message.

      Tried again after registering, with the same card, and I now have a "scheduled to ship" email.

      That'll do for me.

      Mum will be getting my Kobo.

    4. omnicent
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      Re: £29 e-reader dodgy marketing?

      Just ordered one online, no problem....

    5. Alan Edwards
      Thumb Up

      Re: £29 e-reader dodgy marketing? have them. I ordered a GlowLight and a Simple Touch (for my mum) yesterday, and just ordered another Simple Touch for myself to turn into an outdoor-readable simple tablet. For £30 I won't be massively upset if I brick it in the process...

      1. gerryg
        Thumb Down

        Re: £29 e-reader dodgy marketing?

        @Paul Westerman, @NoOnions, @Number6, @Anomalous Cowturd, @omnicent, @Alan Edwards

        I took you all at face value and tried again (Thursday) and got the order accepted email

        Fri 21:20 I got this email :

        Dear Valued Customer,

        Thank you for your purchase. We want to provide an update on your order. You should expect to receive your NOOK® Simple Touch within the next 4-5 business days. We will email you parcel tracking information when your NOOK has shipped.

        Thank you,

        The NOOK Support Team

        Saturday 00:27 I got this email

        Dear Valued Customer,

        You recently received an email from NOOK customer service indicating that your NOOK Simple Touch would be shipped shortly.

        We apologize for this error but your credit card was not charged as NOOK Simple Touch is temporarily out of stock. We’re pleased to let you know that we do have inventory of NOOK Simple Touch GlowLight and you may place an order by visiting

        Thank you.

        The NOOK Support Team

        I look forward to reading your experiences

        1. Fisher39

          Re: £29 e-reader dodgy marketing?

          Exactly the same here. Lying buggers. They've formed a contract and decided not to honour it. Tossers.

          1. John McCallum

            Re: £29 e-reader dodgy marketing?

            I got the same reply to my attempt to buy a tablet and simple then to top that there was a phone call from the bank to confirm that it was a genuine purchase by yours truly or had I lost or had my card stolen.

  6. Trygve

    "the closest thing we have to a universal DRM system: Adobe’s copy-protection software."

    I've seen Adobe Desktop Editions or whatever it's called discussed in many articles - this may be the only time anyone's ever referred to it positively.

    In my experience it's a rancid bag of scrofulous spanners which is just as restrictive as anything amazon do, but minus the 'seamless and asy-to-use' aspects. It's possibly the biggest single negative to the whole Nook propostiion.

    Fortunately Calibre does a great job of scrubbing away the Adobe grime, judging by how easily it lets me get Adobe books on my Sony or Kindle, or kindle books on my Sony.

  7. James 51

    So, do I spend £30 on a replacement battery for my 350 or buy one of these?

  8. graeme leggett Silver badge


    If it supports Overdrive, then (location depending) could just use it for library ebooks. More limited selection but no cost.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: Overdrive

      From what I can determine the Nook Simple Touch interfaces to Overdrive in the same way as other eReaders such as the Kobo namely sideloading the files from a computer using Adobe Digital Editions and a USB cable.

      However, there is now an Overdrive app in the Nook App store that works with some Nooks. See


      For the Nook Simple Touch, if you can get a native Android up and running then you should be able to run either the Aldiko Book Reader or BlueFire Reader app. Having used BlueFire on an iPad, I would not like to go back to sideloading, particularly as the main iPad user can download library books to BlueFire without assistance...

  9. b166er

    The NookE perfect in 'shades of grey'

  10. Dominic Connor, Quant Headhunter

    I have one of these and they're good bits of kit

    I and my children have entry level Nooks, I saw them as a bargain at £59 and it's a no-brainer at 29

    The battery life is enough for a holiday and it can hold as much as I'll read before I die.

    At that price point I don't freak if (as happened) one got crushed in a car door, though to be fair they've withstood quite a lot of other shit.

    Can it run Linux ?


    Nor can my TV, it's a consuming device.

    I *like* the fact it can't run games, means I can give them to my kids and know they'll be used for reading not Angry Birds. Sadly this price drop tells me that it's dying, so I'm going to buy a couple of spares.

    It doesn't do colour, the annotation facility is basic, it won't play MP3s and there some file formats it won't understand, but it's cheap and tough and does what it is supposed to do, I like things that are cheap and do a good job.

    1. edent

      Re: I have one of these and they're good bits of kit

      It *does* run Linux. It's Android under the hood.

      You can find the source files at

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I have one of these and they're good bits of kit

        Wonder if the screens are any better than the PRS600?

        The big problem with touch screens is that they are very reflective off axis, which ruins them for outdoor use.

      2. Erwin Hofmann

        Re: It *does* run Linux. It's Android under the hood...

        Android is based on Linux kernel version 2.6 and, from Android Ice Cream Sandwich onwards, Linux kernel version 3.x

    2. SteveK

      Re: I have one of these and they're good bits of kit

      "I *like* the fact it can't run games, means I can give them to my kids and know they'll be used for reading not Angry Birds."

      Actually, it apparently can play Angry Birds (and other Android games) if you root it and tweak the screen refresh settings. Although I suspect still not very well in mono with slightly iffy touch, if the infra-red touch interface has the same performance as the Kobo.

      Ordered one - at that price good as a backup, good for tinkering with and should be able to run the Overdrive Android app natively for borrowing library books rather than have to go through the convoluted mess that is Adobe digital editions on my PC to download and transfer to my existing Kobo.

  11. Ralph B

    So, they're making a loss ...

    So, let me check if I understand it correctly, they're currently making a loss but they hope to fix this by increasing their loss per unit and then make it up with volume ... ?

    I suppose it might just work (for them) if they sell enough more books. How are their ebook prices, compared to Amazon?

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: So, they're making a loss ...

      They don't even have to make a profit on the books - they may just be trying to postpone the day that an all powerful Amazon crushes them.

  12. geordieboy

    In or out of stock?

    Ordered mine yesterday from B&N online - received a response during the night saying that the order had not been authorised. Guess they're out of stock, even though the website shows it as being instock!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: In or out of stock?

      Ordered mine and pretty quickly got a 'credit card authorisation problem' email. Email customer services at the address on their site and got a bounce back (user not found). Opened a chat window from their site and it has been 'waiting' ever since (hours now; it pings them every second!).

      Not looking hopeful, but I was only taking a punt because of the price so if I don't end up with one, so be it.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: In or out of stock?

        Me too. I also didn't bother registering, like a twat.

    2. MrWibble

      Re: In or out of stock?

      I had the card authorisation problem. Failed to get hold of them via email, chat, etc.. So I submitted another order, and this one has authorised, and is now "scheduled to ship" - within 10 mins of order.

      Hopefully I won't get two!

    3. MrPatrick

      Re: In or out of stock?

      Just ordered mine, just received a 'scheduled to ship' email, so perhaps try again?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: In or out of stock?

        Yeah, re-ordered this morning and it's gone to 'Scheduled To Ship'.

        Worse case scenario, I've got two. I'm sure I can manage to palm the other off on to someone.

  13. Rick Dickinson

    Too bad they're not offering this in the States, too.

    I just checked, and there's no equivalent stateside promotion, and the .uk store will only let you specify a delivery address in the Ukogbani.

    I'd be "all over this" if I could order one or two, myself.

  14. A Man From Bras
    Thumb Up

    For thirty quid you can't go wrong!

    I've just ordered two and have received three confirmation emails up to now, last one giving shipping date as today. So hopefully mine are on their way.

    I've been pondering getting an eReader for a while now for reading outside, as my iPad screen is no good in bright sunlight. I always thought it would be a bit of an extravagance to have a fondleslab AND an eReader, but for thirty quid a pop, it's a veritable no-brainer —I paid more than that for a leather case for my iPad.

  15. Sam 15

    Bargain Accessories


    Buy a Nook Simple Touch for £29, including delivery.

    But you will want a "Matte Screen Protector Kit " to preserve your valuable e-reader of course.


  16. armyknife

    I wonder if I'll get one ?

    Looks good, ordered just the one, for my old dear, so she can borrow fiction from the library.

  17. randyj70999

    UK only

    I'd buy one now, except that it only applies to the UK only, being in Ireland, it won't let me buy it.. :-(

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Order cancelled ?

    Order cancelled around 8pm last night with no reason given and the email address below is forwarded onto an invalid address so it returns a delivery failure !

    Dear XXX,

    We have canceled your order 59007XXXX as noted below.

    If you feel this has been done in error, please email us at

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Please be assured that you have not been charged for this order.


    Sales Audit Department

    -- NOOK Team

  19. Richard 81

    Scheduled to ship

    Did anyone who had their order cancelled receive a "Scheduled to ship" email?

    I got an email yesterday saying it would ship on the 1st May, i.e. the same day, but haven't heard anything since.

    I don't mind waiting a bit longer, but I'd be very pissed off if it sits there for a while and then cancels itself.

    1. Sam 15

      Re: Scheduled to ship

      I ordered one & got a whole series of emails.

      Acknowledgement/ processing/ about to ship/ it has been shipped.... and 15 minutes after that last one, a final email to say it's all been a mistake, we haven't shipped anything and we're out of stock so please buy a different model at £69.

      Clearly a company one can have confidence in.

  20. Rob Thorley
    Thumb Up

    Scheduled to ship

    Just bought one 15 mins ago, and apparently mine will ship today.

    Nice !

    1. Richard Ball

      Re: Scheduled to ship

      Just been through all this with every possible cockup on their part.

      They have now invited me to buy another product at several times the price.

      Total total total crap. Not a chance I'll be going there again.

  21. shovelhead

    Just don't subscribe to their newspapers and magazines

    Easy to subscribe for their 14 day trial on your Nook. Impossible however to cancel

    Spent 2 hrs. trying to figure out how to cancel (You can't do it from your Nook, you have to go on their website) Finally located the page for cancelling but when clicking on CANCEL it then on redirects you back to FAQs ??

    Wrote to them 2 days ago to ask them to cancel still no answer. Told them their practices were devious.

    Was going to recommend the Nook to friends and family as I really like as an e-reader and the new price is superb but seriously, if I can't figure out how to cancel a subscription how the hell is my mum going to do it. She's only just figured out how to text.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Can you use it as display for an Arduino or Raspberry?

    Can you use it as display for Arduino or Raspberry?

    I realise some hacking and possible an adaptor board would be needed!

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Odd... The price actually seems to be £29 + 1/2p

    Just ordered 2, and the email receipt shows the price as £58.01 !

    Most odd...

  24. Simon Ritter
    Thumb Down

    All gone :-(

    Now showing as "Temorarily out of stock", so I guess that's it. Bummer.

    1. Scrumble

      Re: All gone :-(

      Bloody Currys let you go through setting up an account and putting in all your details before eventually telling you they don't actually have any, and they'll send one when they get them. I'll take a wild guess that as everywhere has sold out, and given the nature of the offer hints this stock clearance, they'll never have any to send out.

  25. ac172


    In this article there is a link to where you can apparently buy the Nook devices. Be warned this site appears to be a fake site.

    I placed an order with next day delivery and was told the item had been shipped. However a week later it has not arrived. I have tried contacting then using their online chat function but they never respond. Also when I tried emailing them using the stated customer services email address (no other email addresses are provided on site), I got a reply message saying:


    Original-Recipient: rfc822;

    Final-Recipient: rfc822;

    Action: failed - Invalid address


    The email address appears to be invalid.

    The site does not provide any addresses or phone numbers, so there is no way of contacting anyone. Not the signs of a reputable site.

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: WARNING !

      Re: ac172 - no, it's just that B&N are really that rubbish. I failed twice to order one; they ran out of stock almost immediately.


  26. red death

    All gone?

    Has anyone actually received one from this offer?

    I placed an order on 2 May which seemed to go through OK. I got an order confirmation and scheduled to ship email, but since then nothing (except a weekly email + other bits of marketing from B&N).

    1. bob's hamster

      Re: All gone?

      I ordered 2 seperately on May 2nd. Have had various emails telling me that the order has been cancelled because there is no stock, then emails telling me the first email was sent in error. I managed to purchase 2 of the 4 allocated to my local Sainsburys and have tried in vain via email since then to cancel my 2 orders. However I can't do this. I have now received an email with tracking info from UPS stating 1 is being delivered today. The other 1 for the life of me they don't seem intersted in cancelling, gord knows why as there must be stacks of peolpe who would buy it.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still waiting...

    Yes, I ordered on the 2nd as well, no more emails but my online account says the " Order Status: In-progress".

    I'm still hopeful... :)

  28. Rob Thorley
    Thumb Down


    Got an email last night advising it will be here next Friday. This is after their Twitter team told me I'd have it in 4-5 business days - i.e., today./ tomorrow.

    It's getting a bit silly now.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm confused.

    The first one I ordered failed because payment wasn't authorised. I then ordered a second, it was accepted.

    I then got a blanket email about the first saying I could re-order.

    I then got an email saying they're out of stock, and i've not been charged and I could buy the £70 one instead (presumably this was about the 2nd order).

    Then I got one about the first saying it's been cancelled as I didn't sort out the payment.

    Now I've got one saying I should get one next Friday.

    What on earth is going on?

  30. red death
    Thumb Up

    Good news?

    I also got the order update last night saying that I should receive mine by 17 May. For £29 I am happy to wait (assuming it actually arrives at some point!).

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks like a scam

    I ordered on the 1st then got a credit card authorization problem email from them on the 11th. I can't login to their website and emails to customer service bounce. But for Nook being a real company this has all the hallmark of a scam.

    There is now talk of Nook being sold to Microsoft. Presumably this fiasco is an attempt to pull the last bit of profit out of the firm and/or make the order book and demand look better to push up the value of the firm.

  32. This post has been deleted by its author

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    On it's way...

    Just got an email saying they're on their way. My two are currently at an UPS depot in Belgium, having come from the Netherlands last night...

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just landed...

    Hurrah! My two Nooks have just arrived...

    Now to turn them in weather/status displays... :)

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