back to article Intel supremo backs biz pal SoftBank's billion-dollar bid for Sprint

Intel chief Paul Otellini has told a US regulator that he backs SoftBank's bid for Sprint rather than Dish Network's counter-offer. Otellini said in a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, seen by Reuters, that the $20.1bn offer from Japan's SoftBank for the US's third largest cell network operator would be good for …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Look who is talking about fair play...


    "We need this competition in the wireless space as the ATT/Verizon model is not giving that to consumers at this time,"

    Agreed! But this is coming from whom, Intel? The world knows Intel's track record on fair play. And this is coming from a CEO who is about to leave in 2 weeks time. At least wait till Warren East* takes on the reign!

    * There are rumors circulating on Wall Street (not the Journal) that Warren East could be the next Intel CEO: The logic of this argument amongst Wall Street Analysts is that Warren East resigned from ARM just after Intel announced Paul Otellini's resignation.

  2. Kurt 4

    Intel you are totally stupid... You forgot about T-Mobile.

    1. hayseed

      No, they're ignoring them.

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