back to article Alibaba and the thwarted thieves: Cops, bazaar to tackle China's piracy

The biggest e-shopping site in China - a nation considered the counterfeit capital of the world - has promised to help decapitate the "snake" of knockoff goods. Online bazaar Alibaba will, we're told, work closely with five government and law enforcement agencies including the Ministry of Public Security and the State …


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  1. xyz Silver badge


    “On e-commerce platforms, every single transaction creates a record, and every piece of information about sellers of counterfeit products is traceable,” said Alibaba's chief risk officer Polo Shao.

    I'm wetting myself. I don't think I've even done a transaction through Alibaba itself. Everyone uses bank transfers or letters of credit and emails after the initial contact. And if I can find a knock off of stuff that retails on Amazon (and was made in China anaway) at £2000 a pop for $200 on Alibaba and the quality is cool, I'm 'avin' it.

    1. handle

      Re: hahahahaha

      And how do you know "the quality is cool" until you've got it?

  2. Cliff

    Where will I get my 'Mikey Mouse' knock-offs now?

    Or my 'Winner of the Pool' knock-off beach balls?

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