back to article Oz broadband speeds collapsed in 2012

Akamai's State of the Internet report reveals a sharp slowdown in Australian Internet download speeds to the end of 2012. According to the report, which is gathered by analysing traffic through Akamai's content distribution networks, global connections got faster, with 2.9 Mbps on average and 16.6 Mbps average peak connection …


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  1. borkbork

    at this rate of decline... connection will soon be above average.

  2. Steven Roper

    If they measured Australian boradband speeds

    while Game of Thrones was airing, they would definitely get a skewed reading. They should wait until after the season finished and then do their measurements, they'd get a more accurate result!

  3. crisis


    Some nights I can not even watch a You tube video. It was alright before when you could hit pause and cache the whole video, now it stops after 20 seconds or so.

  4. Denarius Silver badge

    Breaking news, water is wet !

    And I complain about a 3G service slower than the 28KB modem I used 15 years ago. You Tube is a complete no-go zone. Downloads break due to timeouts. At least I don't get to see all the ads that crap up modern "dynamic" web pages. Given the oligopolistic "customers are a pain to be bled dry" attitude of our local "managers" in all comms providers, why would anyone expect anything else ? Bring back 7 bit ASCII and USENET. At least that worked at these crap speeds.

  5. david 12 Silver badge

    Either that, or...

    Since Telstra/Optus wireless appears to meet their definition of broadband, it appears that average broadband connection speed has dropped because there are so many more wireless devices connecting.

  6. Wombling_Free

    Geez louise...

    Maybe a high-speed FTTP solution might fix things?



    dere's moor minrals out dere ta be dug mayte.

    Gotta keep me boss in dere tax-free jets and mansions and horse studs!

    givvus another beer!

    Austfailia, you're standing in it.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Hmmmmm SLOW internets......

    Somehow this grates, with 10% of the webpages content actually being content, while the other 90% is the shit from the advertisers, telling me that selling me shit I don't want or need, is good for my intelligence and bandwidth consumption.

    I also lament the idea that you cannot shoot spammers on sight, for the useful contribution to the global internet, and the GDP.

    I also piss and moan that the idiots who run Google, won't allow you to set your video preferences at 240, instead of something way higher.

    I also groan at the thought of Luddic Idiots like Tony Abbot, declaring that we should all have string to the tin can coverage, across the entire national network.

    I mean the Australian Liberal Party is so incestiously in bed with all the dirty deal makers in Telstra etc.. the arseholes who charge $25 an hour to call another town 70Km away, while you can buy a calling card that gives you calls to the other side of the planet for 1c a minute, that Abbot and George Bush's pet darling murderous crawler John Winston Howard, that all they can do is be retarded idiots.... and fuck the whole NBN thing right up.

    Meanwhile the population gets fucked in the arse big time with rip off rates from the big Telco's and we all sing "Advance Australia Fraud".

    1. John Angelico

      Re: Hmmmmm SLOW internets......

      So, are you saying that the infamous NBN will allow us to download that 90% advertising content (which we don't want) much faster - at a satisfyingly fast rate of 100Mbit/sec, only to dispense with it once it arrives?

      It certainly won't improve international downloads, unless they are already being fed to Australia at least as fast as the theoretical 100Mbit/sec the NBN is putatively going to provide.

      So don't get your hopes up, Charlie.

    2. Martin Budden Bronze badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Hmmmmm SLOW internets...... @ Oh4FS

      Bloody Oath!

  8. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Still faster than where I am now

    Sitting in Yangon, the fastest you can get is 2Mb/s FTTP (this will cost you 20 times what UK VDSL will cost and has per Mb charges over 500Mb traffic)

    Out-of-country connectivity is so bad that dialup to Thailand would probably be faster, even with that 2Mb/s connection.

    Being 22nd is a lot better than being near the bottom of the list.

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