back to article CA piles into API management with Layer 7 acquisition

CA Technologies has hopped into API management via the acquisition of Layer 7 technologies as the company continues to reinvent itself for the software-as-a-service era. The acquisition follows a similar move by Intel to acquire Mashery last week, and API Management company Mulesoft's announcement it had trousered a further $ …


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  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "company continues to reinvent itself "


    SOP for CA has not changed much.

    Identify niche area with multiple players.

    Buy up as many as possible

    "Release value" by firing staff and increasing license fees.

    Fold customer bases into 1 preferred (probably the one with the biggest customer base, not the best)

    Award their senior management huge bonuses.

    This has made CA the biggest software company nobody's ever heard of and like their corporate mascot has meant they have not had to evolve for 70 million years either.

  2. Hugh_C

    The recent acquisitions of Vordel, Mashery and Layer 7 provide further evidence that APIs now mean business for Enterprise and are no longer just the preserve of consumer oriented services such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Today, large corporations need to have an API Management strategy if they are to stand a chance of being able to govern the gap between their on-premise applications and the Cloud and Mobile world where so many of their customers, suppliers and employees reside.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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