My files or their files?

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  1. Martin Huizing
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    My files or their files?

    Something very interesting I noticed on Google Drive. On the main page a list of documents can be seen. Click on (or touch) it and you can view the document. I did just that with a presentation file. When I made some changes I went back to the main screen to see if the time stamp had changed correspondingly.

    Then I noticed under the word "OWNER" the word "me". Got me thinking. 'me' as in 'me, Martin Huizing' or 'me' as in Google?

    From Google:

    "Meet your Drive

    My Drive is the home for all your files. With Google Drive for your PC, you can sync files from your computer to My Drive."

  2. MrHasselblad

    Think of it as a typical modern day operating system; one never really own it, you simply own basically a license to use it. Nothing really more than a lease.

    Also of significantly stronger consideration... Throughout most countries, one doesn't need the typical legal documents to view cloud items

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