back to article White House threatens to veto redrafted Cyber Intelligence act

The White House has threatened to veto the re-animated Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) over privacy concerns. It's deja vu all over again, as President Barack Obama's administration said that the bill needed to better protect civilians' privacy and reduce the protection from liability the new legislation …


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  1. Herby

    Just about the only intellegent thing...

    ...our silly president has (threatened) to do.

    Will wonders never cease.

  2. Mike Flugennock

    What tha'...?

    You mean, the guy who voted to renew the Patriot Act while in the Senate, who went back on his promise to close the concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay, and who claims the right to kill anyone he wants anywhere on Earth is threatening to veto this dung heap because it's too evil?

    Christ, I need to go lie down.

    1. nexsphil

      Re: What tha'...?

      I suppose he needs to perform the occasional token pushback, or it'd be all too obvious he's a puppet

  3. Rukario
    Thumb Down

    Protection from legislation?

    "In order to share potentially personal information, companies need some protection from privacy legislation and prosecution over private data"

    No they don't.

  4. Tony Paulazzo
    Black Helicopters


    Well, saves me having to close down my google**, apple, ms, facebook and Dropbox accounts for a while longer*. Seriously, when are any British entrepreneurs going to offer similar services, or maybe le pirate bay?

    * Like the FBI etal aren't sifting thru' all that stuff already.

    ** I will miss Google most of all, the first to offer two step verification (their email login is more secure than my banks), a free 5 GB storage allowance, streaming of my entire music collection, the ability to surf the Earth (and Mars), down to street level - and all for a couple of adverts that I can block in Firefox with Noscript and Adblock.

    *** Already made a start by installing Ubuntu 12.04 (feels slightly faster than 12.10), rooting my Android and jailbreaking my iPad.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This type of legislation will eventually pass

    And for good reason, as the Boston Marathon bombing proves. Obama is definitely a scumbag and his goal is to FUBAR the U.S. as much as possible while stealing tax payers blind. You haven't seen nothing yet until he's booted from office and the facts come out on some of his criminal behavior.

    BTW, I have no issues with Guantanamo Bay prisons nor whacking any terrorists be they U.S. citizens or others and in the U.S. or elsewhere. The only good terrorists is dead.

    1. Maharg
      Big Brother

      Re: This type of legislation will eventually pass

      Yes because Obama planted those bombs, just like he carried out the shooting at sandy hook to push his anti-gun rights agenda, and just like G W Bush flew those planes into those buildings.

      I find it amazing that so many people would rather believe in an evil government conspiracy with layers and layers of cover-ups and mindless minions carrying out their evil deeds and then being silenced before they can tell anyone, behind everything rather than what really happened, a couple of people with a fucked up out look on life and a miss-placed hatred wanting to kill people.

      But that’s not as comfortable is it? Its much safer to think the “government” is the evil one, because you can see the “Government”, you know where they live, you know what they look like, but to think that this kind of thing could just happen almost without a comprehendible reason, other than some people are just dicks, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, no that’s a bit toooo scary…

      1. NomNomNom

        Re: This type of legislation will eventually pass

        "Yes because Obama planted those bombs, just like he carried out the shooting at sandy hook to push his anti-gun rights agenda,"

        what?? The news are still saying they don't know who did it yet. How do you know it's obama? then again he did fake his birth certificate so he has past form, and he has refused to investigate the moon landings and the JFK "assassination" (fun fact: JFK wasn't even in the car, it was a double) so who knows. we live in interesting times.

        1. This post has been deleted by its author

        2. Maharg

          Re: This type of legislation will eventually pass

          I think you missed the sarcasm...

        3. James Micallef Silver badge

          Re: This type of legislation will eventually pass

          @NomNomNom - good troll, you almost had me there for a moment!

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