Blake's Seven Returns

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  1. Fogcat

    Blake's Seven Returns

    Surprised that there seems to have been no mention of the following on El Reg

    As some one with cats named after Blake's seven characters I'm not sure what I feel about this...

    The fact that it's bound for the SyFy channel and that one of the Heroes writer is on board doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

    On the other hand Freemantle seems to be a British company so maybe it won't be a feel good, buddies against the bad guys that it could be with an American company in charge.

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: Blake's Seven Returns


      Hmmmm. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be you know. I got some DVDs of this from the library a few years ago. I had very fond memories of watching it, way back when. Those memories did not prepare me for just how awful the reality was. The sets and special effects were horrible, as you'd expect on BBC Sci-Fi budgets of the time. But the scripts of the two I watched weren't that great either. He said at the risk of downvotes... Oddly, my memory of watching it all a few years back, is as vague as my memories of the first time round. Blanked from my mind perhaps?

      Perhaps I just picked a bad episode to catch up with, but I've had some pretty bad experiences of looking at old TV I enjoyed at the time. One thing that's still absolutely brilliant is The Sweeney. I think it started to tail-off a bit by the end of series 3 (or maybe 4) - but it's still got great fast paced action, good dialogue, it doesn't suffer from being glacially slow, which seems to be a problem with lots of stuff from that time. I'm not talking NYPD Blue style jump-cuts, just that you'd get long scenes that barely moved the plot on, in lots of shows back then. Porridge is still brilliant, and another DVD set I got.

      Oh well. It's a great opportunity for a good remake. Special effects are much cheaper now, and after the success of Battlestar Galactica, I can't see them having any problems persuading the money-men that dark story lines and characters can work. There were even stories that Fox were going to cancel Firefly after only 13 episodes, for the same reason. But that's still going from strength to strength in series 5 - and no-one would ever make such a stupid decision. Oh, hang on...

  2. Simon Millard

    Re-defining the everyday object

    I am a bit of a blakes 7 fan and have all of the episodes.

    I just love the way they give fancy names: A graphite writing stick? A pencil

    In once episode, they tried to make a drill futuristic by putting some chevron tape on the chuck so when it rotated, it made a pretty pattern.


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