back to article Avere releases FXT3800 speed filer

Avere has upped its accelerated edge filer game with the FXT 3800, which is 40 per cent faster on the SPECsfs2008 benchmark than the existing FXT 3500. FXT products started out as filer accelerators and evolved into small (or edge) filers as well, relegating existing filers to be bulk file stores with hot files served from the …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    how can you tier to ram?

    "Avere claims that, with new hybrid technology, it is the first vendor to automatically tier data across four media types: RAM, Flash/SSD, fast SAS disk, and nearline SATA/SAS disks"

    RAM is of course is volatile, so tiering to it makes no sense. Obviously you can use it as a cache, even a mirrored cache for writes, but using it as a tier???? What's the advantage(over using it as a cache) even if it did make sense?

  2. Dave Hilling

    Fix these silly benchmarks

    Most of these are in no way directly comparable. They need to at a minimum list the number of nodes and MSRP as it took to achieve the results. I mean an Isilion S200 needs 56 nodes to beat an oracle 7420 with 2 nodes. I cant imagine their costs are even comparable. They need to always list the nodes, MSRP, and like a dollar/IOPS number to make these things have any meaning at all.

    1. Dave Hilling

      Re: Fix these silly benchmarks

      yep straight from Avere. Took 32 nodes. What does that cost?

      "Results were achieved during testing of a 32-node cluster of Avere FXT 3800 appliances using the SPECsfs2008 NFS benchmark, which showed the system achieved a record-setting combination of 1,592,334 ops/sec throughput and minimal latency of 1.24ms overall response time (ORT)."

This topic is closed for new posts.