back to article Network Goliaths and upstart Davids join in on OpenDaylight SDN project

Linux is the dominant open-source operating system because of the strong community it has developed and the cross-platform nature of the OS. OpenStack is rapidly becoming the de facto uber-controller for infrastructure clouds, again thanks to a vibrant open-source community. And now, the established networking giants and the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Lets hope MS are doing the security, we need this to be as tight as it can be.

  2. Steven Burn

    They had me until ...

    "the controller will be written in Java so it can run on any server or switch that supports a Java Virtual Machine"

    Think I'll give this one a very wide berth

  3. Christian Berger

    Still sounds like Bullshit Bingo to me

    I mean good ideas in IT typically are fairly simple. Just think of Ethernet or Unix or the Internet. All of those ideas could be explained in their essence in a few sentences.

    Now here we suddenly have a whole bunch of buzzwords thrown into a large pot.

    What is SDN?

    Is it switches running in software? That would be awfully slow and expensive, besides Linux already does that for about a decade.

    Is it switches you can control in more details, like enabling it to look for certain byte combinations? Then why don't they say so?

  4. Wanda Lust

    So earthshatteringly relevant

    that only 3 comments ensued.

    Opensauce is really cool stuff but it doesn't get sold. Peeple need to be sold stuff for things to happen. Hordes of expensively besuited sales, nay account, managers patrolling the mahogany sidled corridors gunning for c level targets. TCO models, RoI proof cases, non-committal commitments and win-wins. Can't do that for free beer, doesn't work.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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