Ig-noble award candidate?

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  1. OzBob

    Ig-noble award candidate?

    On BBC news, gaudy GPS Bracelet for trackingkidnapped AID workers.


    I can see how this goes,....

    Kidnapper: What's that?

    Victim: Just a GPS bracelet

    Kidnapper: Lemme get my machete,.... [THUNK]

    Victim: Ouch!

    Kidnapper: Now you are still kidnapped but short one hand and no GPS bracelet. Don't we feel silly?

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Ig-noble award candidate?

      You have a particularly generous kidnapper there if he's bothering to go and find a machete.

      I'd have expected him to more likely just repeatedly bludgeon the thing with the butt of his AK47 until it stops working.........along with the wrist it's attached to.

    2. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: Ig-noble award candidate?

      They're also only going to make and distribute 15 of them. And they'll be monitored on Twitter and Facebook by volunteers, rather than properly, via robust communications. I find the words 'publicity stunt' rapidly marching through my brain suddenly...

      I can see the Twitter feed now:

      21:15 - I ain't Spartacus - is having a lovely Sandwich.

      21:18 - I ain't Spartacus - is eating a doughnut.

      21:30 - I ain't Spartacus - has gone down the pub.

      02:15 - I ain't Spartacus - hic! Beer iz yummy!

      13:01 - I ain't Spartacus - my aid worker in Africa got kidnapped while I was down the pub last night. As he put out his final cry for help, I was drinking some excellent bitter and eating peanuts. #sadface

      13:20 - I ain't Spartacus - has signed up to monitor a new aid worker, and hopes he'll do better than the last one.

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