back to article Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 delivers modest improvements

In keeping with its vow to ship updates for its flagship software development tools in "a regular cadence," Microsoft has delivered Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 just a little over four months after it shipped the last one. Like that first update package, which arrived around two months after VS2012's September 2012 launch, …


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  1. Simbu

    Good stuff

    Been using the CTP for a while now. The unit test support for WP8 is good, but interesting. It creates a test app that runs on an emulator or a developer unlocked phone. This is all well and good (it pokes the phone's APIs properly instead of some mocked / artificial APIs).

    The downside is if you have a build server that runs your test suite as part of a build process, and that build server lives on a VM which isn't hosted by some very recent VMWare version... you're screwed. This is because Hyper V et al don't support nested VM instances and the phone emulator runs in a Hyper V instance!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    So now Microsoft is making me lose sleep, but what could you expect from such an evil company? ;-)

    Only 5 minutes into update 2 and I love it. What I really like about this one is that you'll notice the differences immediately, and I'm not talking about the removed "black letters on dark blue dialog box". I open a solution which contains a moderate ASP Forms project and the load time has been noticeably reduced. In no time do I get to see the Global.asax file I was working on. After which of course you'll notice its load-behind, so at first I didn't got to see the syntax highlighting which became visible later, but that doesn't matter. The fact that you can start coding after a brief moment of loading is priceless.

    I couldn't care less about "agile planning", Windows 8 apps and Windows Phone development but I am curious to see what this update is going to do on my TFS Express environment (update running as we speak, as said; gonna lose some sleep here).

    This is another change in my overall workflow which I really came to enjoy. Before VS I often used NetBeans together with subversion as VCS, now I resorted to TFS Express which is also quite nice and easy to work with. Both the TFS service provided by MS (see as well as their freely usable Express version (both for up to 5 people at once).

    And what to think about the ASP updates? I'm also excited to learn that this update includes the ASP.NET and WebTools 2012.2 update as well. I'm very curious to look deeper into SignalR for example.

    I can be quite the critic, but I also strongly believe in credit where credit's due, and in this case I think Microsoft produced a very good and solid update.

    ...if only it would update my TFS Express a little quicker, then I could finally get some sleep ;-)

    1. Fat Northerner

      Re: Slick!

      Can you tell what is a button yet?

      I have been holding off because it reminds me of metro.

  3. Geoffrey W


    Two very different opinions here. (From Eadon and ShelLuser).

    One has never used the software and one has.

    Which of them to trust?

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Not me, because everyone will realize that I'm biased ;-)

      And Eadon... I guess you can't trust him either because, well, he's Eadon and this is a Windows thread so he's biased as well ;-)

      So I guess, as always, the truth sits somewhere in the middle.

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