back to article Guide man Frommer buys his name back from Google, plans eBooks

Google has handed the rights to the Frommer brand of travel guides back to Arthur Frommer, after the Chocolate Factory snapped it up from publisher Wiley just last year. The Choc Factory said that it had picked out the bits of Frommer it wanted for its own services and was now giving the brand back to Arthur for an undisclosed …


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  1. JaitcH

    FROMMERS, a tried and trustworthy guide book - way, way better than LP

    Of all the guidebooks for the Indochina area, Frommer is amongst the better ones although RoughGuides does have neat, helpful maps.

    Considering the BBC dumped that LP for millions, Frommer got a bargain. Especially when you consider that LP guide writers admitted getting paid off to write up dubious hotels and restaurants.

  2. Herby

    Then there is Temple Fielding

    and his books. I remember them from the late 60's when there was a much different exchange rate for the dollar, deutchmark and the pound. An era of shillings and no euros, and gold at $35/oz. It was a different era.

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