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Google has taken another step toward opening up its Amazon-competitor Google Compute Engine to the general public. The ad-slinger announced on Thursday that anyone who is paying the company $400 a month for "Gold" support for cloud services can now try out the GCE beta. "Now you can sign up online for Google Compute Engine …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't trust em

    After the Google Reader culling, why would anyone still trust Google? I've started my migration to Microsoft (contacts, maps, calendar, everything).

    At least Microsoft are just good honest money-grabbers. I miss that...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Don't trust em

      Hang on, so you don't trust Google but you DO trust Microsoft?

      Tell me what you're smoking, so I can avoid it..

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Don't trust em

        Microsoft is very trustworthy - everything is privacy on by default, they don't sell your personal data to advertisers, and they don't do anything that compromises privacy without your explicit permission.

        Google on the other hand - their whole business model is based on profiling you, scanning the contents of all your emails and selling it to advertisers...

  2. Danny Roberts 1

    Google's cloud needs some work.

    I like most of Google's offerings but Google Drive Sync is absolutely not ready for market and should still be in beta. It works OK for the free offering where only a small amount of files are synced but for everything else it's useless.

    I bought 400GB space and uploaded around 200B of user files, pictures etc. I then bought a new PC, even though I already had a copy of the files offline, Google Sync client cannot use a folder that already has files in it and insists on downloading everything again. Just to compound the issue, it can't be left to go and get everything overnight or it will use too much RAM and crash (I have 16GB RAM on this machine). I had to select 3-4 folders for download and let it complete them before selecting more.

    I eventually had the 200GB downloaded and synced up again. Shortly after this, I bought a larger SSD to use as my Windows drive. I cloned the original drive (after closing the sync client) but on the new drive the database is corrupt. Google's answer: disconnect the account and download everything again.

  3. Erik4872

    Next bubble -- public clouds?

    Wow, another vendor jumping into public IaaS. Amazon, Microsoft, VMWare, Rackspace, IBM buying its way in, now Google... I wonder if we're going to have a public cloud bubble on our hands.

    With all these vendors spinning up huge amounts of compute capacity, and turning it into a commodity, there's going to be an interesting race to the bottom on pricing. I can't wait until one vendor starts going below their own costs to "make it up in volume" the same way the dotcom people did in the 90s.

    Actually, the way out for these guys is to get out of truly public cloud and get back into the old-fashioned hosting business. After all, they have massive data centers now, all they would have to do is carve them up into private instances the way they did before the cloud became the new marketing hype. I think that if customers could be reasonably assured that their data was separate from others' data, and there was an SLA beyond "oops, sorry about that." they might begin trusting the cloud vendors to host their workloads.

    So yeah, just like the dotcom boom was good for expanding the Internet massively, the public cloud boom is going to leave us with lots and lots of cheap compute, storage and network capacity for some time to come.

  4. deMangler

    Rant Opportunity

    I will take this opportunity to have a bit of a rant about Google Drive as well.

    I use Dropbox free and was kind of looking forward to Drive because that meant that I could move my storage to Google where most of my other services are.

    Drive is pants. Not fit for use. No LAN sync. It only updates whole files - not just the parts that change. If you install it on a new partition you need to download everything again, you cannot just copy over your current up-to-date local files and have it recongnise they are already synced, this make the absence of LAN sync even more crippling. No Linux client.

    Unlike a lot of people I have no problem with Google using my information, it is part of the deal. My information is not private anyway so somebody may as well use it and give me cool stuff in return. I do hate crap non-functional stuff though and Drive falls into that category. Don't even get me started on them closing down iGoogle and Reader....


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