back to article 'Proactive Wellness' rebranded as 'Infosight' by Nimble

A proposal document we've seen from a Nimble Storage reseller has shown that Nimble is branding its Proactive Wellness feature as Infosight. What it means: Nimble Storage uses its customer array sensor data to predict, amongst others: when a storage array will fill up; when a drive may fail, complete with an automatically- …


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  1. Ralph B


    > Consider it best practices on steroids

    Apart from in the treatment of certain medical disorders, why would anyone think putting something "on steroids" would be a good thing?

    1. Great Bu

      Re: Steroids

      Buff Stewie, that's why.

  2. Robert E A Harvey

    'ang on

    I'm missing something here. Ever since the 60s 'Nimble' has been a starch reduced bread. 'Proactive Wellness' would appear to be what they have been about all along.

  3. Eric Pedersen
    Thumb Up

    It works; better than my brain anyways.

    I'm a happy Nimble customer because their support (with the system heartbeats, etc) has saved my bacon a few times. For example; the UBD moment when I downsized a LUN on the SAN *before* I shrank it on the VMware guest & host. Oh, how we laughed - after it was fixed...

This topic is closed for new posts.