back to article Microsoft's summer update will be called Windows 8.1

Microsoft has thought long and hard about what to officially call the forthcoming Windows 8 upgrade package codenamed "Windows Blue", and the verdict is ... Windows 8.1. So sayeth veteran Redmond-watcher Mary Jo Foley, who cites an anonymous tipster. Lending credence to the rumor, Foley directs us to a Twitter post made by …


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  1. Notas Badoff

    Fixed that for you

    "Presumably, we may yet see a Windows 8.2, 8.3, or further before Redmond finally delivers a version deemed worthy of being called Windows."

    1. LarsG

      Re: Fixed that for you

      The New windows 8.1 is.............

      Windows 7.

  2. Herby

    If you want windows...

    You might want to try

    They have a great selection, and don't need version numbers. In the end, probably more reliable than those emanating from Redmond, Washington.

  3. Rukario

    So, Windows 6.2.1? 6.3?

    I wonder, is Microsoft adding the numbers together? Windows "8" is Windows version 6.2 (is that 6+2 then?), so what will this next version be? Or will they suddenly jump by 1.9 versions?

    1. Test Man

      Re: So, Windows 6.2.1? 6.3?

      You're thinking about it too much.

      The marketing name has nothing to do with the internal version number.

      Same as with Linux.

      1. Rukario

        Re: So, Windows 6.2.1? 6.3?

        "The marketing name has nothing to do with the internal version number.

        Same as with Linux."

        Very true... I was actually going to mention Patrick Volkerding jumping the version of Slackware from 4 to 7, just to match the version numbers used by other Linux distros of the era.

        But then, what's going to happen when Windows marketing name goes through another 87 number changes... will it skip from Windows 94 to 96?

        <-- facepalm for me not noticing the 6.3 staring me in the face in the screenshot in the article.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: So, Windows 6.2.1? 6.3?

        At least there were major differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8, unlike, say, Linux 2.6.39 and Linux 3.0...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: So, Windows 6.2.1? 6.3?

      I wonder, is Microsoft adding the numbers together? Windows "8" is Windows version 6.2 (is that 6+2 then?), so what will this next version be?

      No idea - with that &%ç* ribbon in Excel it could be any number..

  4. Fuzz


    So version 6.3 of windows NT is called Windows 8.1

    If Microsoft are going to charge for this service pack then it needs to be cheap and introduce something that people really want (full time desktop mode).

    All the real criticism of Windows 8 comes from TIFKAM, if that interface was moved into the background so that it was available for tablets and touchscreens but unseen on desktops and laptops then Windows 8 would become the best windows ever, it's a perfect incremental upgrade to 7.

    1. Tom 35

      Re: 8.1?

      They just need to add a classic mode checkbox (with AD control) to make desktop/start menu the default (still let you run not-metro apps, and in a window for high resolution screens).

      But as long as they think putting TIFKAM on computers will sell phones it's not going to happen.

      They could call it Windows Crap, and Windows Still Crap, but then what would they call 8.3?

      1. MJI Silver badge

        Re: 8.3

        That is a file name!

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: 8.1?

        They could call it Windows Crap, and Windows Still Crap, but then what would they call 8.3?

        Windows Professionally Crap?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: 8.1?

          The Return of the Son of Windows Crap.

        2. trashbat

          Re: 8.1?

          Windows Crap for Workgroups, surely?

        3. Chika

          Re: 8.1?

          > > They could call it Windows Crap, and Windows Still Crap, but then what would they call 8.3?

          > Windows Professionally Crap?

          Windows Even More Crap.

      3. hplasm

        Re: 8.1? but then what would they call 8.3?

        I Can't Believe It's Still Crap!

      4. Godwhacker

        Re: 8.1?

        You can get the start menu back with either StartIsBack or Start8- but I can't see Microsoft ditching the new interface any time soon, simply because that's where their App Store exists.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 8.1?

      Yeah because CentOS 6 uses Kernel version 6, oh, hang on.

      This is just pointless whinging for the sake of whinging.

    3. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: 8.1?

      It can't just be unseen, the hot corners and swipes and keyboard shortcuts to get to TIFKAM have to stop working, two or three old but important desktop keyboard shortcuts that were overwritten with TIFKAM keyboard shortcuts have to come back, things like wifi configuration and popup balloons have to return to the way they've are in Windows 7 instead of in a huge slab of colour, the start menu has to come back, file type associations have to always point to the desktop versions, even Notepad and Flip 3D have to come back as they do have some use.

      Oh, and make it easy to get into safe mode because explaining to ordinary users that they should wait until the BIOS screen goes away then repeatedly hammer shift-F8 is also impossible.

      It's an utterly jarring non-intuitive fuck-up of an experience. Until they work out what they're doing with TIFKAM which I doubt will happen until the next major release, the least they could do is bring back a proper desktop with the next point release and put TIFKAM mode as an option in the start menu where everyone could just ignore it.

      1. Citizen Kaned

        Re: 8.1?

        and can we please enable BT keyboards at boot. i have an acer iconia and the keyboard isnt usable until windows loads. very useful

        1. Dan 55 Silver badge

          Re: 8.1?

          That's down to the BIOS to support, but they don't. If the Bluetooth keyboard has also got a dongle with some other protocol and you plug it in the USB port at boot time then it might work.

          1. Citizen Kaned

            Re: 8.1?

            i guess. oddly i can plug in the keyboard to the tablet's USB port to charge but it doesnt make it a USB keyboard. crazy eh?

    4. kneelie

      Re: 8.1?

      That and lose the ribbon. Bringing back the Aero interface would not hurt either, at least it looked nice.

  5. Daniel B.

    MS take on version numbering?

    OSX does use a different kernel versioning, but at least the 10.x versions usually match a major version in the Darwin Kernel.

    Sun would use the second decimal for Solaris, so SunOS 5.10 is Solaris 10. They also do this with Java, with 1.7.x being "Java 7".

    MS however seems to be unable to standardize versions. Windows 7 is actually NT 6.1. Ow!

    1. Steady Eddy

      Re: MS take on version numbering?

      Windows 7 is actually NT 6.1

      That's for compatibility reasons, calm down.

    2. The BigYin

      Re: MS take on version numbering?

      OS version does not always match kernel version; who knew?

      1. Mr. Nobby

        Re: MS take on version numbering?

        More importantly... who cares?

        1. The BigYin

          Re: MS take on version numbering?


  6. DN4


    And the following version will be 8.11. Then they just need to smear the left half of `8' a bit...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 3.11

      Wasn't that Worries for Workgroups? It's a while back :).

  7. Aitor 1


    Windows NT 4.0 Workstation

    Windows 2000 " -> 5.0

    Windows XP -> 6.0 (sp shoud be 6.1, 6.2, 6.3)

    Windows 7 -> ahem

    windows 8 -> 8? ;)

    So yes, their numbering IS correct.

    I think they are trying hard to mimic Apple.

    1. Chris Miller

      Re: Numbering

      You forgot Vista. (I know, I know, we're all trying to forget Vista.)

      1. The Brave Sir Robin

        Re: Numbering

        Come back Vista. All is forgiven.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Come back Vista. All is forgiven.

          No its not!

          1. The Brave Sir Robin

            Re: Come back Vista. All is forgiven.

            I'd take the POS that is Vista over Windows 8 with TIFKAM any day.

      2. Michael Habel

        Re: Numbering

        For all the hate it generates I think most of us would agree that Vista > Windows 8.

        At least this is my hope. Vista was actually a pretty decent OS if you managed to run in on decent Hardware. Which was the problem, given that the OEM thought that they could run it on any old Hardware. You couldn't run XP on a Pentíum 75Mhz, w/4mb or EDO RAM either. Nobody cried back then either. The fact is if you can run 7 your machine probably could run Vista as well, and Vista had some pretty cool stuff in it that got dropped in 7.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Numbering

      XP was 5.1

      Vista was 6.0

    3. Piro Silver badge

      Re: Numbering


      XP is NT 5.1

      Vista is NT 6 (due to large architectural changes)

      Windows 7 is NT 6.1 (no massive changes)

      Windows 8 is NT 6.2 (they simply took a multicoloured dump on Windows 7)

      1. Frank Rysanek
        Thumb Up

        Re: Numbering

        And, Windows 2003 Server is 5.2. Makes a hell of a difference from XP in some drivers (and no, just changing that version string in the INF file often doesn't get the job done - some kernel API's really are slightly different).

        Makes me wonder what the 2008 reports (no live machine at hand).

        1. Robert Helpmann??

          Re: Numbering

          According to Microsoft's very own web site:

          Server 2008: 6.0

          Server 2008 R2: 6.1

    4. Michael Habel

      Re: Numbering

      Actually IIRC XP was Version 5.1, AND NOT 6!

  8. Bob Vistakin

    Keep on polishing the Win8 turd till it rubs away to nothing

    Now that's a policy I'll certainly raise my glass to.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh FFS !

    Windows 8 sp1


  10. Anonymous Coward

    Its quite plausible actually...

    To be honest I'm not overall impressed with what Ms. Foley has to say. I still remember the El Reg chat in which she claimed how Windows Server should stay in sync with the development cycle of Azure, apparently completely unaware that Azure was suffering from major outages at that time which had already lasted nearly a week.

    However, this makes sense; we all know and realize by now that Windows 8 isn't exactly the great success Microsoft was hoping for. However it seems that Microsoft invested quite heavily in this new infrastructure and really wants to make it work.

    So what other option is left /but/ to introduce a minor update?

    Windows 8 SP1 would make it clear with admins and such that an update has been issued, but for the common crowd it would still be "Windows 8". Think about it; I'd want no less but Windows 7 SP1 and XP SP3. However, for common users these are simply "Windows 7" and "Windows XP", maybe for some who keep a bit more track of it all its "Windows with a bunch of updates" but that's about it.

    So what other options would Microsoft have to make it well known, even with the common users, that Windows 8 has been updated into something (hopefully) less bad ?

    Though I wouldn't bet on it; unless they come up with a decent replacement for the start menu, and I'm not referring to some TIFKAM update, I'm keeping clear from this mess.

  11. Big-nosed Pengie

    Fanciful monikers

    I think those were the right idea, although these would be more accurate:

    Windows Turd

    Windows Shite

    Windows Excrement

    Windows Faeces

    Windows Crap


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Fanciful monikers @Big-nosed Pengie

      If I wanted more proof that using a thesaurus doesn't make a weak author or his writings any better, I'd have gone to fanfiction.netl thanks. Really lame effort, my friend ...

    2. Piro Silver badge

      Re: Fanciful monikers

      Valve's Steam is popular, so maybe they can copy that name:

      Windows Steaming..

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Fanciful monikers

      Hows about Windows Just Try To Grow Up A Bit.

      Honestly, name calling, it's beyond pathetic.

  12. Stephen Channell

    Cullinet moment...

    Microsoft still think that MS-is-forever, and people will adjust to its inconsistent interfaces like an armchair that doubles as a wheelbarrow, they won't.. Unless they come up with something that actually works consistently they'll be as dead as one dominate Cullinet.

    the secret source is.. er.. windows.. specifically windowed TIFKAM applications.. and a start button

  13. The Brave Sir Robin

    Surely a more appropriate name would be

    DESQview 2.8. 'cos that's more or less what the new bloody awful user interface is like, only worse. At least DESQview could have more than two windows open at the same time.

    I do hope that sense prevails in the end.

    1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

      Re: Surely a more appropriate name would be

      DoubleDOS ? :)

    2. Citizen Kaned

      Re: Surely a more appropriate name would be

      i can have as many windows open as i like. in desktop mode.

  14. tempemeaty

    It's that mossy old greenness...

    Microsoft OS 8.1 or in other words MOS 8.1.

    Oh look, the Moss ate one. LOL.

    Might as well call it that, they are removing bits of the windowing system with every update it seems so can't really keep calling it anything other than Microsofts' OS....

  15. Luke McCarthy

    Maybe they'll make Windows for Workgroups 8.11

  16. JeffyPooh

    Will "Windows"™ brand OS offers Windows again

    If they'd go back to offering a nice new *WINDOWS* based OS, perhaps I'd be able to buy a new PC.

    Zero interest in Win 8. Actually that's not true. I desperately wish to not have it. It's the STD of OS options.

    1. Citizen Kaned

      Re: Will "Windows"™ brand OS offers Windows again

      i have a touch screen tablet (not RT) and its pretty decent for that.

      there are some really poor decisions though and i have had to wipe it and restore after only 3 weeks. i think that might have been all the hacking just to change the bloody window titles to white as i prefer a dark menu bar.

      i would also like them to fix the issue when you display all desktop items at 150% etc. a few apps totally screw up with this setting on but using 1080p on an 11.6" screen is a bit small for touch.

      you do have to wonder why they made some of the decisions that they did. some are good and some are just plain mental.

    2. Chika

      Re: Will "Windows"™ brand OS offers Windows again

      > It's the STD of OS options.

      STD? What has Subscriber Trunk Dialling got to do with Windows? Or are they going back to acoustic couplers for network access now?

  17. Ian Grant

    Windows for Warehouses

    ...where it deserves to rot.

  18. Jan Hargreaves

    What's the 's' for? I thought it was Just Window 8 now.. since you can only use one at a time

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @Jan Hargreaves

      Maybe *you* can only use one Window at a time. Are you sure you're on the right site?

      1. Jan Hargreaves

        Re: @Jan Hargreaves

        Tell me how you can use excel or word, or photoshop with only 25% of the screen? And I mean productively.

        TIFKAM is for content consumers. Not really for doing any real work at all.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: @Jan Hargreaves

          "Tell me how you can use excel or word, or photoshop with only 25% of the screen? And I mean productively.

          TIFKAM is for content consumers. Not really for doing any real work at all."

          If you've been following the whole Win 8 thing for a while (your use of TIFKAM indicates you have,) then you should know the answer. Those who hate Windows 8 don't like it, but it works. And a lot less painfully then the generally suggested "Tell people to use Linux instead." If you don't know then do some research before mouthing off.

          1. Jan Hargreaves

            Re: @Jan Hargreaves

            "If you've been following the whole Win 8 thing for a while (your use of TIFKAM indicates you have,) then you should know the answer."

            So is that anything other than... you can't? For example you want to watch a video online out of the corner of your eye while doing an email. Can't see how this is going to work in TIFKAM. What happens when somebody suddenly skype's you. It's just a complete and utter mess.

            "And a lot less painfully then the generally suggested "Tell people to use Linux instead."

            Photoshop under wine in Linux would really be painful. I've been saying for a long time that Linux advocates can come back to me when there is Photoshop or good enough equivalent on Linux. Still waiting...

            For the record, I use Windows 7 myself. I looked at the upgrade options, including the special offer to update quickly. And quickly thought.. forget it. They are really not offering me a worthwhile upgrade.


  19. Anonymous Coward


    So I'm guessing Windows Blue is going to be specially optimised for porn?

  20. The BigYin

    Keep polishing...'ll make that turd shine one day.

  21. Prowler

    They already had a perfectly fine name

    Windows Blew

  22. auburnman

    Number by Year

    They should have kept numbering by year. If XP had been called Windows 2001 those of us still using it would get a daily reminder it's more than a decade old (And still quite stable and fit for purpose, but it might nudge some folk into upgrading)

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Windows Starter?

    Maybe they'll add their own Start button as an upgrade from "Windows Non-Starter".

  24. sausageman

    30 years later...

    Windows 8.0 Windows 8.1 Windows S.pectrum?

  25. Martin Taylor 1

    End of a con?

    So ends (hopefully) one of the biggest cons in computing history, namely the pretence that each new version of Windows was a brand new product rather than a version change over the previous product - thus enabling Microsoft to charge more for the "new product" than they could have if it were seen solely as a new version.

    Same goes for Office. I'd be glad to see that go the same way.

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: End of a con?

      It seems more like a way to charge for service packs by using an incremental upgrade model to me.

  26. Aoyagi Aichou
    Thumb Up

    Better than "blue".

    This must be the first good news about Windows 8. Numbering means more logic, less confusion. Too bad that the numbering will probably be the best thing about Windows 8...

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    8, 8.1, 8.2, 9.0

    pass, pass, pass... MAYBE

    1. Michael Habel

      Re: 8, 8.1, 8.2, 9.0

      Only problem is by the time Windows hits revision 8.1.17. Hopefully most People will have moved on to Linux by then. One has to wonder what will happen to Microsoft once they pull the Trigger on Windows 7? Where will all the Corporations go then to Windows 8? HAHAHA not likely. I wonder if those asshats in Redmond understand this?

      1. David Barrett

        Re: 8, 8.1, 8.2, 9.0

        Ahh yes, because the jump between windows 7 and LINUX is much smaller than the jump between windows 7 and windows 8...

        1. Michael Habel

          Re: 8, 8.1, 8.2, 9.0

          Says the Man who's never tried Cinnamon Mint...

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We don't need an 8.1

    We need a 3 point turn

  29. cheesey_toastie

    Is anyone actually running Windows 8 that has commented here? It's loads faster (on my relatively old laptop) - long time issues have been fixed for copying files etc and it's stable. The menu is quick - you just hit the Windows key, starting typing and hit return to load programs. This method is rapid, reliable and beats the heck outtta Windows 7 - for visual users the tiles are going to work well.

    There are a couple of UI annoyances (wish I could lock the metro screen to one of the desktops) but you'd expect that with a radical overhaul of the UI (Ubuntu Unity anyone?) and some system issues (the sound gremlins aren't quite gone).

    1. Wade Burchette

      I get tired of the argument "If you used Windows 8, you wouldn't hate it". I am using Windows 8 and my hate comes from months of firsthand experience. I hated the UI when I first started, and then when I started to play with it I hated it even more. While it has nice performance improvements, it makes tasks that were quick in Windows 7 much slower. Do this: Type "System Restore" in Windows 8 and tell me how long it takes you to find System Restore. Type "Uninstall" and Windows 8 and tell me how quick it takes to get to the Programs and Features part of the control so that you can uninstall a program. In Windows 7, just click start, type "uninstall" and in 1 second you could click on "uninstall a program" that is a short mouse distance away. Done. In Windows 8, you type "uninstall", then move your mouse to the right and click on Settings then move you mouse all the way to the left and click on Uninstall a Program. The UI is counter-intuitive with a mouse and touchpad.

      The only three good things Windows 8 is good for is a home theater PC, a tablet, and a phone.

      1. Michael Habel

        Lol a HTPC awwwwww Hell no!!!

        Any Linux with MythTV (or better yet) Video Disc Recorder (e.g. VDR), with XBMC can and WILL DO a better job of running a HTPC then anything Micorsoft could do.

        Lets take DVB-C (Digital Cable TV), for example. If you want to watch this, or are forced to watch it 'cause your Landlord doesn't want you to put up a Dish, or you just happen to live on the wrong side of the Building. Then your forked, as you'll need a CAM (Common Access Module), and a Smartcard to access your Subscription(s). Granted Microsoft have done some work to get DVB-S2 (With CAMs?), to work since Vista / 7. Its little comfort to me,

        Now take VDR for example its compatible with everything DVB-T(2), DVB-C and DVB-S(2) OotB, It boots straight into the last Channel viewed. No need to muck 'round waiting for Windows to load, then clicking the Media Center Icon. Full CAM support. Linux is just full of WIN here.

        Windows on the other hand is just full of FAIL!

      2. Glen 9


        Pro-tip: Mouse over the "hot-spot" thing in the bottom left, right click, select "Programs and Features".

    2. Tom 35

      There are a couple of UI annoyances

      No, just one... It's crap.

      And if you have not noticed, most people seem to think Unity is crap too, for a lot of the same reasons.

    3. Prowler
      Thumb Down

      Is anyone actually running Windows 8 ...

      " ... It's loads faster (on my relatively old laptop) - long time issues have been fixed for copying files etc and it's stable. The menu is quick ... "

      [ Fast Boot ] ... It should load faster since by default it employs a hybrid sleep and not a full shutdown and is "resuming" rather than a full POST and bootstrap. Additionally, many people are obviously using newer UEFI streamlined systems rather than traditional BIOS. I guess comparing Apples and Oranges is back in vogue these days.

      I have a theory that Metro and Windows 8 appeals to the definitive "serial-tasker", those that operate one task at a time like the instruction pointer in a CPU. They press the "On" button and wait. I say this because a "multi-tasker" would press the computer power button 30 seconds before he needs to jump in and do something. That means, press the button, grab a coffee ( or anything else ) instead of standing there waiting interminably. Multitaskers naturally know how to timeslice so that few seconds at startup never ranked high on the things-to-fix-in-Windows bullet-list when there are so many other real consequential annoyances to address.

      [ File Copying ] ... What "copying files" issue might that be? Most people are referring to the yet again updated file copy dialogs, the ones that could have only been designed by a committee and were already getting ridiculous in Vista and 7, but now they have added an option to "pause" a copy. But for what possible reason? Well, I guess it makes sense since a serial-tasker might just need to pause. Multitaskers know enough that they can simply jumpt to something else if a copy takes too long. In truth, copying a file has worked reliably since 1995 for the consumers, but was made foolproof with NTFS based Windows even earlier.

      [ Quick Menus ] ... GPU accelerated menus should be fast. Especially since it is essentially only rendering HTML+CSS basic geometry ( Playskool blocks ) in primary colors, kinda like simple webpages from 15 years ago. Were you expecting slow? I'm not impressed by Microsoft advancements here, nor should we be thanking them for these little baby steps forward. By now in 2013, instead of romper room shapes we should have game-engine style 3D user interface elements, like those which already perfected as far back as 1999 ( Q3 and Unreal ). And it should be fully user-customizable, not locked in to their one childish theme.

  30. Badvok

    Amazing how many "Windows Haters" feel the need to comment on an article about Windows version numbering. This place is getting more like a playground for the intellectually challenged every day. There are so many article keywords that just bring out the same old comments over and over again, loads of idiots shouting "me too, look I'm here, I agree, I hate xxxx too!"

    1. Chika

      Not that amazing, really. It's been some time since its release and not a lot has changed. Yes, it may be a bit faster than W7 but not that much and, should you ever switch off Aero on W7, that increase is barely perceptible. OK, I agree that "mee too" trolls are a pain - they were frowned on in some places when I was a net noob so why we have them now is a bit of a mystery, but what you are seeing now isn't really that different from what we saw with Vista. While there are those that like W8 and will champion it, just as some folk did with Vista, the majority villify this version because they just don't like it.

      I'm saying little about my opinion of W8 myself, partly because other folk have said everything already, partly because I'm fed up doing it. My sole W8 installation, I shall say, has been deleted and, beyond my only W7 system and what gets done at work, everything else is Linux or RISC OS and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

  31. IGnatius T Foobar

    Fail == Fail

    They can call it whatever they want. It's still Windows, it's still Microsoft, and it's still poor quality crap.

    1. Colin Ritchie

      Re: Fail == Fail

      Windows 8 has many haters from inside the Windows community, the trolls from outside are largely superfluous in any argument about the merits or negatives of all the different Windows versions they are outside the experience by their own choice. Conversely there are quite a few Windows lovers who like everything about whatever has been recently released from Redmond. Sometimes I even hear defenders of Win8/phone describing how tasty their new interface looks, I think the best description of folks like that would be Windows lickers.

      But seriously folks, the real reference I'd measure the popularity of any system would be the usage share of OS on the net, wikimedia measures Feb 2013 like this: Win 7 34.72%, iOS 23.75%, Win XP 14.28%, OS X 6.98%, Android 6.03%, Vista 4.3%, Win 8 2.23%, Linux 1.42% and Win Phone 0.79%.

      M$ still have a 56.32% market share so they don't need to worry what they call their next OS or how it performs, it will still be part of the biggest herd. Only just mind.

      1. Michael Habel

        Re: Fail == Fail

        "M$ still have a 56.32% market share so they don't need to worry what they call their next OS or how it performs, it will still be part of the biggest herd. Only just mind."

        Yeah, but for how much longer? Nobody with a single braincell rattling inside their heads, would touch it [sic] Windows 8. Corporates can still flee to Windows 7 (FOR NOW!!). Whats gonna happen once Microsoft has had enough of Windows 7 too? I can't see Window 8 in the workplace as it is EVER!

        Now that Linux has Steam (e.g. Valve) on-board things can only get better for Linux. Given that Microsoft would rather you pay then a yearly subscription to their HTML5 wonder Office. Well WHO THE HELL NEEDS WINDOWS?!?

  32. JLV

    I have a cunning plan!

    How about a version number every 6 weeks or so a la Firefox?

    I mean, we could soon be on Windows 13 or so by the end of the year! That would teach those Linux and Mac wannabes!

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