back to article Hi-tech horses racing: how to stay Happy down in the Valley

Hong Kongers love to gamble. It’s a serious business over here, and one that can generate at least HK$100m (£8.5m) in turnover from every race. That money goes to the Hong Kong Jockey Club, a venerable institution formed by the British in 1884 to promote horse racing, which has a monopoly on betting in the city-state. Every …


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  1. Allan George Dyer Silver badge
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    HKJC also does football betting and the Mark 6 lottery. The profits from the HKJC end up in many of HK's charities, there are lots of HKJC Clinics, and HKJC disabled buses. Happy Valley is only the smaller racecourse, the Shatin one is even more impressive.

    HKJC is a consistent technology leader, supporting multiple generations of mobile betting technology. Many of the old-timers have their own terminals.

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