The Clinical Informatics Officer

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  1. Sam Haine

    The Clinical Informatics Officer

    I'm a doctor. My hospital recently advertised for a 'Clinical Informatics Officer' whose role is described thus:

    "The overall purpose of Informatics and the Clinical Informatics Officer supported by the Chief Clinical Informatics officer has been defined as to: Enable promote and support the effective use of data, information, knowledge and technology to support and improve health and health-care delivery. The role of Informatics, therefore, is to ensure an organisation has the required cost-effective systems, information and technology services to provide excellent clinical care to its patients, in conjunction with its stakeholders throughout the wider health community."

    The job is half a day a week and intended for an otherwise full-time doctor/nurse/allied health professional.

    I played around with computers a little in school but I haven't looked 'under the hood' since my Acorn RiscPC expired in 1997. Currently I intereract with computers almost entirely as a user, setting up my parents' Windows 8 box recently notwithstanding.

    I very much want to improve IT in my hospital and I think I have pretty clear ideas about where the problems are for end users.

    However, I know very little about some of the qualifications asked for in the person specification and how useful they would be in real life:

    "Masters level degree in either informatics, business analysis or process reengineering, or equivalent (or relevant experience)

    Management and/or leadership qualification at QCF level 5 or equivalent (or relevant experience)

    BCS Chartered IT Professional (or equivalent)

    PRINCE2 Practitioner (or equivalent project management methodology)

    Master's degree in risk, governance and patient safety (or equivalent)

    Fellow of BCS"

    I'm willing to study something that will be useful but I already have more letters after my name than in it so I'm not keen to do more exams just for the heck if it. Are any of the above qualifications actually useful for an informatics officer?

    1. Anonymous Coward 15

      Re: The Clinical Informatics Officer

      And they want all that jazz as well as being a doctor?

  2. Sam Haine

    Or nurse or Allied Health Professional (medical physicist, radiographer, pharmacist etc).

    1. Corinne

      Whichever way you define it Sam, they want someone who has a full career in one subject to be very highly qualified in a completely different career at the same time. It takes years full time to be qualified in any of those medical professions you list, and equally it would take years to become qualified in the IT stuff they want.

      Just how many people specialise in one area then make a complete change in direction & specialise in something totally unrelated? There may be a very few in the country, but so rare as to be negligible.

  3. Sam Haine

    I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one who thought those requirements look a litte daunting. I'm going to watch with interest who my hospital actually ends up employing...

    1. Corinne

      Yep, having a Masters degree in more than one subject is exceptionally rare in people who aren't professional academics, let alone in people who are in a very busy occupation. Keep us posted Sam!

  4. Sam Haine

    Well, the hospital chose an orthopaedic surgeon who doesn't know how to select a printer to print to. No word on how many of the required qualifications he has...

    1. Corinne

      Presumably then they had this one person in mind, and wrote the advert specifically to put people off

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