back to article Gartner's gurus forecast future tech spending splurge

Gartner's analysts have used their highly-tuned abdominal sensing units and cerebral computing powers to forecast worldwide IT spending will rise to a whopping $3.92 trillion come 2014. During 2012, global IT spend hit $3.62 trillion. This year, it will reach $3.78 trillion, reckon the Gartner market boffins, a rise of 4.1 per …


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  1. BillG
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    Report Whores


    Someone please tell me when Gartner has ever been right about a rapid rise marker.

    Gartner is in the business of selling business reports.

    Business reports that project a slow growth market don't sell.

    Reports that project a rapidly growing market do sell. The more growth projected, the more reports sold.

  2. adnim

    Perhaps they are right

    I'm thinking of getting a new router ;-)

  3. Phil O'Sophical Silver badge

    Sun with an initial capital?

    Wishful thinking?

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Change is Afoot .... and Afleet of Foot to Boot the Register

    Gartner consultants in ceremonial dress

    Thanks, El Reg, that made my day, today. :-) And does Blighty have Tier X capabilities and facilities, as would be defined and understood in the context of "Final Report of the Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Resilient Military Systems", provided stealthily to CyberIntelAIgent Defence Systems, courtesy of Spooky IntelAIgent Services which one has no need to have any more knowledge of, unless one has a suitable feed to impeccably seed and immaculately tender there …… for Deep CyberSpace Virtual Mining and XSSXXXXploitation of Future Developments in SMARTR Programming for Better Beta AIdDVenTuring Trips ….. Magical AIMissions ...... with Astute IT JuJu MoJo Attitude? :-)*

    Or is such Exotic and Erotic IT destined and fated to be an Eastern Confection of Exquisite Taste, First and Foremost?

    And that and those be a question and questions which sit large and for swift unequivocal answering on Andrew Parker's new desk/laptop, should he not wish to be seen and known to fall and fail at the first of many such a virtual hurdle as are increasingly commonplace into todays complex entangled intelligence spaces, and prove himself to be unfit for secure office lead, before even he gets really started on revamping and revitalising a wasted service and national treasure.

    Silence be golden, but here be mined and polished crazy diamonds and sparkling jewels of unique beauty and lustre.

    If you can't be arsed to read what you need to read, in order to be able to start to understand what builds before you and confronts and aids you, and thus would you always be imprisoned to be led by the nose to whatever trough may or may not be provided for you to feast or fast upon, these are the Tiers to answers question .....

    The Task Force developed a threat hierarchy to describe capabilities of potential attackers, organized by level of skills and breadth of available resources

    Tiers I and II attackers primarily exploit known vulnerabilities

    Tiers III and IV attackers are better funded and have a level of expertise and sophistication sufficient to discover new vulnerabilities in systems and to exploit them

    Tiers V and VI attackers can invest large amounts of money (billions) and time (years) to actually create vulnerabilities in systems, including systems that are otherwise strongly protected.

    Higher-tier competitors will use all capabilities available to them to attack a system but will usually try lower-tier exploits first before exposing their most advanced capabilities. Tier V and VI level capabilities are today limited to just a few countries such as the United States, China and Russia.

    As you can and/or must imagine, are Tier X capabilities and facilities something which renders to one something of a considerable overwhelming advantage which cannot be countered and bettered via traditional and conventional means and simple memes.

    * Poe's Law Rules.:-)

  5. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    WTF are they talking about?

    Oh Gartner heard about Cyprus? And they think it's relevant somehow? Did the luminairies just now discover that we have fractional reserve banking? That reaches Krugman-levels of economic knowledge. Well done.

    Yes, all that bailout/keep-solvent money pushed out of the Fed printshop and currently held by the banks will have to be liberated at some point in time. Then there is the additional coffer of 60 billion USD/month currently printed up by "Serial Numbers Only" Bernie.

    Pretty sure there's gonna be "spending" ... a lot of it. But will you be able to buy something with it?

    1. Don Jefe

      Re: WTF are they talking about?

      In your rant you seem to be forecasting inflation in the U.S. Why?

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